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KTV of infinite whole computer nods starlight song system
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Of short duration without brief introduction

Systematic overview:

Of the rapid development as industry of our country IT and computer network technology gain ground increasingly, in recent years technology of VOD(Video On Demand) of network video order programme gets applied extensively in domestic entertainment industry, the skill that uses VOD technology to promote equipment of calorie of office of the song that pull OK class changes the job to already gained revolutionary headway. Traditional in the past card pulls OK song hall to use song of disc player order programme commonly, basically use manual operation, the means that nod a song is extremely primitive and moss-grown, and old song is much newer the song is little, often appear bump into dish to grab song phenomenon, purchase disc cost taller also. Now a lot of commercial song hall travels together to rise competition ability, raise class of the equipment that nod a song and high-tech content in effort. KTV of infinite whole computer nods starlight song system is me the company is accompanying demand of this one market to develop development to succeed, on the life that is used by user of domestic much home most the whole computer KTV of economic material benefit, fashionable popularity orders song system.

KTV of infinite whole computer nods starlight song system is Beijing Kun Daxing the computer intelligence with tall, good security changes a dependability that optical science and technology develops limited company to develop development to succeed in recent years card pulls OK to order song system. Complete set system is managed by network connective computer, do not need dish machine to also do not require personnel operation, the management efficiency of the person that improved operation greatly. This system was solved before a few decisive difficult problem of system of song of computer KTV dot (if data transmits bottleneck, safe backup, data to shed control,wait) , be used to run in order by domestic numerous public place of entertainment at present. KTV of infinite whole computer nods starlight the sound that the fundamental of song system is calorie of song pulling OK that gets on disc of LD, VCD, DVD (Audio) and image (Video) picture is collected through major make up compress technical measure to change MPEG-1 (VCD) , MPEG-2 (DVD) or MPEG-4, it is these computer filestore in song disk library and video server. The guest is chosen on the terminal computer of KTV room after sowing song, sow the song file that controls the memory in central video server to transmit room terminal computer quickly to go up through network channel, through inside the professional DVD of buy is answered put card to output video and frequency signal by computer, convey finally to pull OK to mix phonic meritorious service to put implementation to block the function that pull OK to television and card. Because the system uses digital signal to transmit means, in the network frequency is inspected to won't produce any lack fidelity, attenuation and interference result in conveying, song is used repeatedly also won't produce an effect to image.
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