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The science and technology that inspect writing digitlizes hotel VOD to manage s
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Of short duration does not have brief introduction of brief introduction system

Be developed independently by the science and technology that inspect writing and push to the market " sunshine E-hotel " system, be in hotel interior on the foundation of integrated wiring, be based on TCP/IP agreement of the standard, use the video server that high-powered price compares, with machine top the box receives terminal unit as guest room network, compositive the many software module such as program management, user management, information management, plan expenses administration, begin service of video order programme, news, Internet smoothly to received a service to provide technical safeguard for the hotel. It is the biggest the recreational demand of the contented guest of degree; Can provide convenient service for the guest again, more convenience business affairs activity of the guest.

"Sunshine E-hotel " the system is full automatic change, equipment is stable and reliable, economic all sorts of uphold charge daily; Systematic function is powerful, outside getting online except dibble seeding film, TV, still can offer introduction of recreation of directory of hotel brief introduction, phone, hotel to wait for fundamental function, can save a large number of pressworking for the hotel charge. Adopt this system, can provide the special service such as direct seeding of conference organization, conference for group user, this system can create very big profit for the hotel.

Systematic characteristic:

1. Much drop is subsequent

The system can satisfy the number of user of the biggest intercurrent order programme of the hotel, accomplish erupt simultaneously indefinitely, make each other is not affected between guest room, can choose to watch same program or program of different movie and TV at the same time.

2. Use convenient

The system uses machine top box to have dibble seeding program, the operation is convenient, can satisfy the of all kinds program in library of program of guest order programme, the remote controller is passed to be able to undertake controlling to the program when watching a program, include to broadcast, retreat time-out, speed, quickly, the choice of track, accord with the guest's habits and customs.

3. Systematic function

Program annulus sows the digital program that will store to press broadcast watch order conveys to be carried to each client with beamed form, order of the guest inside guest room is watched, but cannot ongoing, regressive wait for a choice to watch. Its characteristic is economic network bandwidth.

Real time hookup will be real time the client end that video signal reduces digital program and conveys to issue a request to each with broadcast form. It can be used at the hall to perform direct seeding, conference direct seeding to wait.

The sometime that the program previews a guest to be able to choose a program paragraph watch, whether to pay cost in order to decide to watch entire program.
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