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Triumphant chart inspects a solution of system of hotel VOD multimedia
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Of short duration without brief introduction

The portion began in September 2005, triumphant chart is inspected in regarding original hotel VOD as the manufacturer one only can throw its product true commercial user move, and acquire the firm that tremendous and intercurrent user counts, the IPTV technology that takes the lead in will maturing at present introduces hotel VOD come in this domain. At present till the new generation hotel that we had rolled out home is integrated information serves a system---Because the information of this system is interactive ability is preeminent, it had exceeded VOD greatly or the category of hotel digitlization TV, the its already real integrated news that makes a public house is alternant platform, and contrast with the corresponding platform of international hotel industry each has his strong point.

Characteristic of main function of V4.0 of system of VOD of triumphant chart hotel is behaved as follows

What support a code to shed sort to increase greatly

The technology of new-style VOD engine that triumphant chart offers supports a variety of codes to flow, support DVD video, exceed a code, DVD, DVD-R/-RW/ R/ RW, SVCD, VCD, CD/-R/-RW and type of CD intermediary constitution change MPEG-1, MPEG-2 MP@ML, decipher of MPEG-4.2 ASP@L5* video, compared with the Mpeg1/2 that traditional VOD system place supports, code of VCD, DVD flows to tell had exceeded one times superabundant, be opposite especially MPEG4, AVI (Divx, xvid) the support that the code sheds, brought bandwidth of economic disk space, managing network, high-definition clear to transmit investment of video signal, economic server to wait for a lot of advantage to this product; Can be between VOD order programme and TV signal free switch, and common a remote controller.

Facilitate maintenance dibble seeding system

System of VOD of triumphant chart hotel the IPTV of will telegraphic class runs 4 edition to facilitate mediumly safeguard character to introduce among hotel system. Any products, especially the product of software type, always should upgrade ceaselessly safeguard. Regard the IPTV operation of telegraphic class as business, in its system run in the center, often want to adjust its machine to carry the program of the box on the head, perhaps upgrade a few functions, or repair a few BUG. Below this kind of demand, in the solution that triumphant chart is offerring to telegraphic operation business mature this, increased following character: "If have new issue a package, the system upgrades menu is usable, whether does the setting upgrade in the browser, the setting ends, restart machine top box, with HTTP agreement means download upgrades to wrap and be burned collection, after finishing, restart machine top box. Restart machine top box..

Distinctive network abrupt sends transmission technology

Because V4.0 of system of VOD of triumphant chart hotel used Beijing triumphant chart to inspect tell limited company of science and technology distinctive " network abrupt hair transmits a technology " had unprecedented transmission capacity, network utilization rate rises than common transmission technology about 50% , support big intercurrent order programme.
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