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10 thousand inspect a solution of hotel VOD system
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The mainest function that VOD system realizes is service of news of multimedia of video order programme, hotel, these two functions are the hotel increases service characteristic, promotion to serve a level, increase figure class, in order to draw the passenger source, the most significant step that rises to lead, of business begin still bring direct economic benefits for the hotel at the same time; Can say, VOD system is the optimal choice that hotel informatization transforms.

10 thousand inspect an AV-VOD product, it is to be based on platform of Windows 2003 Media Service, have the characteristic of convenient sex, advanced sex, compositive sex, low fare, belong to product of market main trend. The system has whole user government and content management function, have the multinomial function such as statistic of administration of control of test and verify of data management, user, attributive, plan expenses, log at the same time. Can configure hardware and network structure according to actual condition, use content of distributed structure, intelligence to distribute reach technology of server of laden and balanced, brim, the accepts all sorts of circumstances such as demand of means, different user to finish program of order programme of tall intercurrent user demand with complex now network environment, diverse fact, have agile expansibility.

Systematic develop attacks graph


Right construction that sheds media to serve platform, the system should hold to the following principle on technical implementation:

● high security

To the network safety of whole system, service security provides necessary protection, can settle current and common network charge basically, assure the basic security of whole system.

● tall stability

System can 7*24 hour is uninterrupted provide a service, the user is used trouble-free, rate of dibble seeding success is high.

● but expansibility

The system can be in data, business, service expands arbitrarily on 3 level, can satisfy the need that prospective business grows.

● advanced sex

The system must use the technology with banner industry and architecture, ensure advanced sex of the system.

● opens a gender

The system follows all sorts of international standards in the round, especially Internet standard, can undertake joining faultlessly to be operated with each other with existing system.

● can assemble a gender

Loose coupling is between systematic module, most module can be installed independently and move.

● is controallable quality

Have expert tiring-room management system, all right shedding media server, programming server, WEB server, database server, attestation server unified undertake administrative, can undertake monitoring to all servers, discover the problem of the existence in the server in time.
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