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Urban heat aids informatization of hotel of force Qingdao Olympic Games
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Of short duration does not have brief introduction as 2008 draw near, urban heat " aids informatization of force Olympic Games " series activity is started formally, head station theme makes an appointment for " Olympic Games, hoist the sails the littoral city Qingdao of Yu Meili of plan cost seminar pulls open Qingdao " and attestation of broadband of urban heat hotel heavy curtain.

Glue east the littoral city Qingdao of famous city beauty is pillar of 3 old economy with travel, marine, haven, travel income was 2005 25 billion, occupy Qingdao in those days 9.8% of total output value. Qingdao city owns resort of first-class travel city, seaside, provide energy town, optimal environment and person to reside satisfaction of city, entrepreneur to spend the special honour such as highest city most. Match of Olympic Games caique will be held in Qingdao Spring 2008. Beijing Olympic Games kicked off on August 8, 2008, caique match is in normally opening ceremony two begin to 3 days, last a period of time 15 days, place takes part in the match 15 days ahead of schedule about the team is open. Share 270 caique to take part in the match, athlete limitation 400, set 9 level in all, 11 projects. Qingdao owns astral class hotel in all more than 100, additionally village of media center, athlete center, Olympic Games waits to need to reach level of Olympic Games communication.

To urban heat character, can the force echo with oneself " Olympic Games of green Olympic Games, science and technology, humanitarian Olympic Games " it is greatest honor. This conference, urban heat hopes to build remove to communicate with communication. By attestation of operation business, hotel, broadband tripartite of supplier of plan cost program discusses jointly how compose builds a better digitlization Olympic Games hotel.

Be in early 2001 Shanghai APEC session, urban heat is connected one case with Shanghai net, appoint for APEC recieve guesthouse of hotel China booth, Jin Mao to wait offerred industry is famed later " hotel broadband attestation plan cost " product, first-rate settlement conference broadband gets online at that time " Plug and Play " demand. Come for years, attestation of broadband of urban heat hotel plan cost product invests operation broadband hotel as hotel user and operation business and grow jointly, attestation plan expends the hotel broadband that is domestic be worthy of at present the first brand.

On this conference, the many angle such as the demand of the requirement that urban heat runs from convenience sex of the guest, operator and operation business jointly owned elaborated broadband of urban heat hotel attestation plan expends a solution, introduced urban heat to reach many lead dominant positions in the innovation on the technology to the person that attend the meeting. Urban heat created industry many the first, above all, urban heat is the first manufacturer of domestic that provides function of Plug and Play. On this conference, urban heat was to advance idea of big Plug and Play first more, before this, industry Plug and Play is defined only can get online to insert online line, and urban heat enlarges this one concept to code of the name that avoid Zhang to login, to a variety of operating systems compatible, to a variety of language operating systems compatible, flow to a variety of IE see implement compatible, what enter terminal to a variety of receiving is compatible. Of this one concept put forward, will great the convenience sex that raises a guest to get online in guest room; Next, urban heat is home comes true to use NAT-T technology at broadband hotel to receive attestation above all, it is OK below finite true address that this one technology makes make more guests use VPN; Thirdly, urban heat is broadband attestation the company that plan cost domain wins the Ministry of Public Security exclusively to sell a license.
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