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Classics abb culmination expands indefinitely VOD solution

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Of short duration does not have brief introduction one, overview

Be based on broadband campus net to build network video order programme (VOD) system, the multimedia that uses daily teacher and student teachs resource (like program of all sorts of DVD, VCD) , program of education of education kinescope, satellite, groom the data inspect frequency program to be changed into the data that suits a network to broadcast format, face broad teachers and students to offer the video order programme that gives priority to with shedding media application to serve, to using broadband network effectively, develop a network long-range education sense is great.

Although current very much institution of higher learing also built VOD system, but highlight a problem below in existence of actual application respect:

1) need downloads a lot of plug-in unit or program, often can bring about a system to be not stabilized, application is no-go;

2) sink technology or interest factor, cannot provide the support of amounts of pair of infinite intercurrent user, follow-up and patulous cost is extremely high.

Limited company of IT of culmination of Beijing classics abb is in old and dedicated on the foundation that inspects frequency application at network of wide report, telegraphic domain, face broadband campus net application development system of network video order programme. This system uses B/S structure, direct form is built on general server, do not limit amount of intercurrent visit user, do not need to download special client end to broadcast a program, stand-alone can support 300 above intercurrent user (500k) , support infinite user to expand use, already received success application in college of domestic much home at present.

2, the VOD that absoluteness patulous applying implements plan

This plan with system of order programme of video of news of network of classics abb culmination (Broadvision VOD) will realize the order programme of network news video over broadband campus net to apply for the foundation (VOD) . This system is limited company of IT of culmination of Beijing classics abb be based on Windows Media9.0/Helix System to wait advanced shed media technology to be developed completely independently and become. The system supports the video program of high quality, support is extensive intercurrent drifting network inspects application of frequency order programme and user attestation management, have good security, stability, expansibility, can wait transplanting sex, easily with the gender.

The network structure develop that this plan realizes attacks the plan is as follows:

Direct form proposes this plan on general server, do not need to download special client end to broadcast a program, only station server can support 300 above to erupt simultaneously stream (500k) , the digital copyright that supports pair of video shedding is protected (DRM) .
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