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"Apartment of student of summer vacation time " Cheng Xinchong
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Evening paper dispatch is climbed successively as air temperature litre, one kind the name is " apartment of undergraduate of summer vacation time " " day rents a house " go up in Shanghai indeed " fire " . Summer vacation time is an undergraduate " charge " , work, the gold period of the exercitation, leave school undergraduate not less to facilitate for what learn and work, deliver the view to the price in succession cheap " student apartment " .
The reporter investigates discovery, average student boarding house deploys air conditioning, the condition is better still have independent Wei Yu, the room has 4 worlds, 6 worlds, 8 worlds to wait, the price by daily differ 15 yuan to 30 yuan. These days, broiling and intolerable, such student apartment special get undergraduate reception. Reporter counterpoint collected a few apartment of the area to undertake investigating at Yang Pu, Xu, discovery explodes entirely actually full.
Xu collects Ou Tianlin the operator of sunshine student apartment tells a reporter, these two days of high temperature again and again, student apartment also explodes every day full, "Ceaselessly the student calls an inquiry. " the undergraduate Xiaoyu that comes from Shenyang, summer vacation jackarooes to stay in Shanghai, chose to manage the student apartment that is located in on the school. "The dormitory is too hot, without air conditioning, sleep to be not worn at all in the evening. " Xiaoyu tells a reporter, these days, keep school fellow student not less occupy student apartment, "The key is price material benefit, available attune! "The key is price material benefit, available attune!!
Additional, student apartment also became summer vacation time to work, the new option that charges electric student. In summer vacation, university of Shanghai foreign language is big 2 students Xiaoyang, a by a definite date signed up for around Fudan University two weeks TOEFL class, and the dormitory outside going up is in Song Jiang, "If Cong Songjiang sets out, every smallpox should compare the time that attend class in the time on the road much still! " then, she looked for to be located in the student apartment of edge of station of light course of bare peak road from the net, "Although conditional not very is good, but convenient attend class, more what is more,the rather that, lease two weeks building very hard in Shanghai really. Lease two weeks building very hard in Shanghai really..
In investigation, the reporter also discovers, as a result of the good and bad are intermingled of student apartment class, still put not less in safe hidden trouble. In a room, 45 ambry do not have a lock; The hole is on mattess; Lodger is formed complex... institute of Shanghai foreign trade begins to be anxious to rise after apartment of student of occupy of 3 students small Jing greatly.
Evening paper reminds undergraduate staying behind, choice student apartment must careful, after the establishment such as the safety of sufficient check good dwelling place, sanitation, decide to whether be entered again, do not add to pursue cheap and smooth " trouble back at home " .
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