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First Harbin city countryside travels hotel of astral class family hangs out his
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Dispatch of Harbin news network (Yang Xingwen of He Jianmin's reporter) yesterday, a the city zone is whole town hotel of first family of class of rustic travel star gives a shop sign. 15 " farmhouse is happy " domestic hotel is judged to be class of one star, 2 stars, SamSung respectively in astral class assess, capture government of A the city zone with time 1000 yuan, 2000 yuan, 3000 yuan award.

"Farmhouse is happy " swimming is in recent years burgeoning travel product, accept the favour of urban tourist group that gives priority to with the family fully. A the city zone is located in haing city suburbs, it is birthplace of golden source culture, cultural relic historic site is numerous, natural scene is beautiful. In recent years, source of idle fund of brigade of have the aid of of farmer of A the city zone and area advantage, positive development with " farmhouse is happy " the countryside that give priority to travels, formed red star countryside to revitalize village farmhouse village of travel of cate of gust of characteristic of village of the city austral agency of river of assorted of village of travel of amorous feelings of the Chaoxian nationality of red new residential quarter of countryside of happy fishing village, makings pasture, A, smooth hill presses down zoology of green of 7 loose villages travel village and Yu Quan. It is OK that the tourist is here " live farmhouse house, eat farmhouse meal, dry farmhouse to live " , view and admire rurality, savour rustic amorous feelings.

For " farmhouse is happy " travel brand is done do greatly strong, a the city zone builds development countryside travel and new rural area organic union to rise, made " class of star of restaurant of hotel of family of A the city zone criterion for evaluation " , management of assess of class of solid to rural family hotel planet rewards a system. The respect such as sanitation of quality, safe to characteristic of the infrastructure of domestic hotel, product, service management, environment undertakes quantifying assessing, notch of 65 minutes of above for one star class, of 80 minutes of above for 2 stars class, of 95 minutes of above for SamSung class. In hotel of family of a hunderd schools on whole area, 15 win out in first assess.

A the city zone is divided right first the domestic hotel that assess obtains astral degree undertakes capital is rewarded outside, still implemented favourable policy in the respect such as tax cost, since the day that gives a bit oneself cess of the derate inside 3 years, collection of halve of industrial and commercial administration fee. Invite an expert to travel to undertaking from personnel of course of study at the same time of the respect such as culture of knowledge, economy knowledge, government knowledge, the ways one gets along with others, folk-custom and local customs groom.

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