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Beautiful scenery of the seaside in the photograph is short-term live be away fo
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Yesterday dusk time, zhang Laoxian of emeritus old person gives birth to Shanghai of 72 years old and two people of old partner come back from the seaside, food was bought in the free market of agricultural products, walk into a fabled abode of immortals community of 10 thousand birthday building of a dweller, enjoy like citizen of a fabled abode of immortals case in " " the life that go vacationing.

Since midsummer, toA fabled abode of immortals presses a month bear hire a resident the foreigner that go vacationing lives when the building is short increasing. The reporter in interviewing hears report of tourist of a few other places, although a fabled abode of immortals is a small town, but climate is good, air is fresh, the environment is clean, suit to be away for the summer holidays very much go vacationing. Come from the Wang Jianguo old person of Hainan, from this year the bottom will come to a fabled abode of immortals in June, an one-storey house was rented around river of picture of urban trade division. He says: "We had retired, used is away for the summer holidays to Harbin and other places, at the beginning of July, pass comrade-in-arms introduction, will to urban district of a fabled abode of immortals rent an one-storey house, lease 3 months, so more time experiences the immortal of person of a fabled abode of immortals lived personally! So more time experiences the immortal of person of a fabled abode of immortals lived personally!!

As we have learned, tourist place chooses the building that lease, hire basis rents date, a sector of an area, house model, the establishment inside the room different and the price is different. A two rooms the block of flats of two hall, air conditioning, cable television, washing machine, freezer is taken inside, water the complete set equipment such as things of machine, cuisine, every months of hire differs 800 yuan in 500 ~ , always come round to go vacationing recreational tourist, can accept.

"Short-term hire a room to be able to say material benefit is great. " Mr Ni that comes from Shanxi says, "Every travel to the summer busy season, the price of hotel guest room is being hit roll the ground to go up, choose such going vacationing means is nowadays is the most popular, convenient, comfortable substantial still. " Mr Ni feels very satisfactory to hiring a room to go vacationing.

He tells a reporter, hire a room to go vacationing to fall in the premise with living similar requirement, rent is lower than wanting between the standard of SamSung class hotel much. Mouth or a 3 husband and wife live to the guesthouse with a bit higher class, one day gets 339 yuan at least. But rent a house every month just 550 yuan hire. Live in hire housing in, although little the service of guesthouse, but can enjoy more freedom. Additional, the family can cook eat, the sweet atmosphere of this kind of home, it is guesthouse more impossible some.
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