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The market of Olympic Games building that rent is hot with each passing day
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As 2008 the drawing near of Beijing Olympic Games, olympic Games board piece, coruscate of group of Olympic Games trade gives new lease of life, the building of periphery of Olympic Games place rents the market also stealthily hot rise. 8 days, beijing consumer society is rolled out first " Beijing hires room manual " , defined secondhand the flow that chummage hire rents a house, note that rents a house, place of intercurrent cloth Olympic Games is in the instant renting price of area. According to be located in Ya Yun Cun secondhand Miss Li introduces staff member of company of intermediary of chummage hire building, the client that the house rents beforehand ahead of schedule during the Olympic Games is particularly much, can divide roughly for staff member and common tourist two kinds, what rent a house now basically is friend of media of a few other places. "Industry special value Olympic Games building to rent the market. " Miss Li says when accepting a reporter to interview.

Weak point of a house owned by a citizen is hired popular also

Though leave the Olympic Games to hold,still have a year, but the building on the side of Olympic Games place rents the market however stealthily hot rise. What the reporter is located in Ya Yun Cun in is secondhand the understanding when chummage hire intermediary is interviewed arrives, a lot of clients lease the building one year ahead of schedule below, the Olympic Games that is next year prepares. According to another circumstance similar secondhand chummage hire intermediary introduces, the building July clinchs a deal the quantity had increased ten than last month, having quadruplet among them is the Olympic Games rents a house. Although intermediary is right,the building during the Olympic Games is being written clearly " hire should be followed row with respect to city, cannot fix a price now " , but the market that rent as before hot. Before before long, department of market of praedial Beijing region is opposite 21 centuries house-owner rents apiration had an investigation, investigate discovery, the two house-owner that become the left and right sides chose " retreat ahead of schedule hire " , fall in lease undue circumstance namely, house-owner puts forward actively to remove with lodger lease. A lot of house-owner have a pair of abacus in the heart: "During the Olympic Games hire can tower above at ordinary times 3 times taller even. "During the Olympic Games hire can tower above at ordinary times 3 times taller even..

Olympic Games chairman amounts to a month, the time that the tourist lingers to Beijing travel during the Olympic Games is longer also, then many tourists think of to hire a short-term housing in Beijing. The reporter understands when interview, the dweller of periphery of Olympic Games place is stuck in succession during giving an Olympic Games short the small advertisement that lease, somebody claims to want to rent with the form of bed even. During living in Mr Wang near abstruse body center to plan to be met in the Olympic Games, decorate oneself building afresh rental. Mr Wang plan changes the room inside his housing into the guest room layout of domestic hotel type, can welcome a few visitors at the same time, lease is the Olympic Games during whole a month, as to rental price, mr Wang has hope very much.
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