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Xiamen: Crab class demises graceful million
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The seventh evening of the seventh moon is special special subject: ? of discharge of bless of aperture of imperial order of  a short wooden stake

The wife says, "Do not have the home namely without the house, seeking a room is more difficult than looking for husband. If find what oneself love the man, and he has to let person heart again flexibly house, that is the thing with the most beautiful in the world of course, the man that can make oneself enchanted nevertheless often does not have a house, it is OK that the man that has a house does not have other place besides the house enchanted. Wander between love and house to make a person vexed indeed " . The man says, "It is very difficult really to seek a wife without the house, have one ring house, bring naturally so that more woman favors, the fault that but there is a house,is me? " Valentine's Day of the seventh evening of the seventh moon is coming, house PK love, which ability is is your heart medium love most?

Story first:

The time that the room does not have love more it is helpless

Tall is Xiamen an engineer of some electron company, marry already two years, but he detects more,oneself live some are helplessly. Wife beautiful it is a dance teacher, very beautiful very fashionable also, but appear to rarely the word says between two people, time of two years, each other are a pair silent the condition that is gold.

Tall graduates that year, in aid financially next buying parentally cover a house, every month room borrows 1000 yuan, a month still has salary 5000 multivariate surplus, additional, he is returned and a patchy move becomes the friend some of dicker. So, after working a few years, qiao Ye had the stockpile. Because a pretty good housing is had inside the island, the profession is pretty good also, object of the optional before marriage or pretty are so much, officeholder, teacher, interpreter waits for professional have everything that one expects to find, light is to be engaged in a teacher the girl of one duty, chinese teacher, English teacher, dance teacher waits, he chose beautiful dance teacher finally beautiful.

When interacting at the beginning, beautiful constant ground puts forward to want to see a room, there always is some of desolate in the heart of tall, become aware how oneself are right her deep feeling and big big flower still cannot touch her heart. Beautiful did not make all the time express particularly, also be keep sb at an arm's length to him. That day, open the marriage room that just had decorated when him, he sees the under cover in beautiful eye of a lot of glad, he knows the house is fuller than his glamour, the bottom gas that this one 130 smooth houses allow him is enough also a lot of. The day after marriage, beautiful more moment are to go out to meet with the friend alone, look in him, he and his home more resembling hotel of a family, he provides accommodation and food, and beautiful the life how does he go to be not entered it seems that. When beautiful evening comes home, tall chooses to await, he feels should be photograph scholar between husband and wife with foam, but slowly he begins disappointment, when he adds evening shift to come back, always be inky in the home, otherwise is done not have with respect to her come back, otherwise is she has slept early ripe. Tall drank a lot of wine that day in what a few brothers meet, worry is spat for fast, if do not have corporeal safeguard, without comfortable house, beautiful won't choose to marry him at all.
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