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Hangzhou dash forward favor now " apartment of to apply for a job "
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At the beginning of August, when big the Na Jiahang that first time of 3 students height steps into him to be found on the net state city north " apartment of to apply for a job " when, him discovery of very accident ground rushed into an office worker people good space -- many 10 male lodger in apartment leaves the photograph that hit a bottom to celebrate in what be the last female lodger, hit barebacked in succession, lose dirty clothes into washing machine, gather together in the sitting room watched ball game.

"The undergraduate that I think all that lives in apartment of to apply for a job is to apply for a job all the time is short rent a settle or live in a strange place! " the height says, what understand the dormitory when him is other 4 members are to be in Hangzhou the office worker that already had steady job, and when long still resident, feeling very questioningly.

15 yuan of one apartment of the day resembles the dormitory

The apartment of to apply for a job that the height is in, 15 yuan a day, 400 yuan include a month, apartment is a 3 rooms actually the brand-new commodity house of one hall, 100 much square metre, putting respectively in 3 rooms 4 to 6 pieces on any account is spread, can live 16 people, there is washing machine outside toilet, in the hall, have TV, online computer and sofa. The boss is the old surname that comes from Wen Zhou two brother, age also is less than 30 years old. The house is a course old surname brother is simple and easy decorate, take the door, everybody needs to change unified gules slipper, in the hall of 50 much square metre, the boss installed vertical air conditioning, every cubby, installed small air conditioning.

Brother two absorption at ordinary times do " full-time nurse " , pull the land everyday, clean toilet, wash cotton-padded mattress of make the bed every week, change Suo Xiudeng even.

Outside public opinion is held in both hands to going after the fanaticism of fortune to chase after, and the angst mood of the person that the house is bought below estate heat, stop abruptly before this small boarding house it seems that -- reject to become Fang Nu prematurely, reject the urban loneliness, alleged city person that rejects look impressive but worthless " individual space " , the young office worker of a few not take to heart, flat retreat rank 4 people or of 6 people " the dormitory " . "Oneself hire a room to live, it is even clean sanitation a kind bagatelle is irritated, the somebody in apartment does sth for sb, much better, and electric home appliances

Old boss tells a reporter, apartment of to apply for a job is much now very big a batch " constant resident mouth " , it is the foreigner office worker that is in Hangzhou, it is the young male that the university graduates for the most part. The boss is met sometimes when lodger people next coming home, make an appointment with them to go out next have a meal, raise his wine cup together Yan Huan.
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