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Lend strength wide hand in meeting
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Fair of imports and exports of merchandise of Jia Heyuan and Chinese big public house, Oriental guesthouse, China has only all the way lie between, be in a sector of an area of Guangzhou city core, it is more beautiful area all the time buying and selling and rent most active secondhand building dish. At present with short hire fixed position, year hire return rate may be achieved 12.8% .


Investment case: Mr Wang and wife desolate lady go to work in same and state-owned company formerly, the company a few years ago turns make, husband and wife two subscribe hundred thousands of yuan share. After about 2 years, because of with new boss dissension, total share is exited under Mr Wang and desolate lady stretch, many yuan 100 fund receives in the hand. After spending the New Year this year, mr Wang is hated to part with leave old one's line, devote into a small company to do poineering work afresh.

Desolate lady thinks, at present the house price of Guangzhou is the 1/8 of Hong Kong only, and the 1/4 that per capita already achieved Hong Kong, the house price tomorrow of Guangzhou still has ascendant space. And, she concludes through understanding, guangzhou is countrywide foreign trade most the city that develop, except annual two wide hand in outside the meeting, at ordinary times still a lot of international are exhibited, what be service object in order to attend the business affairs of exhibition is short lease property, appreciate foreground has puissant prop up.

The course makes an on-the-spot investigation, desolate lady is final make choice of the Jia Heyuan of park of convection beautiful lake regards investment as the object. Desolate lady thinks, this building dish the space is vast hand in house of meeting shedding flower show to have only 5 minutes car Cheng, and attribute railway station trade encircle inside, it is Guangzhou imports and exports and wholesale business most an area that develop.

This year March, desolate lady is driven in wide hand in a Jia Heyuan was bought before the meeting house of 8 buildings east, gross area makes an appointment with 83 square metre, total prices 840 thousand yuan. Although this price already was compared rise when 2005 30% , but desolate lady special however accept, think this price and Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen is the same as type building dish exceed 20 thousand yuan at every turn / the price photograph of square metre is very older than still having appreciate latent capacity.

On April 13, desolate lady leases the building to Chongqing to attend wide make the manufacturer of the meeting, hire of a month achieves 11000 yuan. After lease ends, desolate lady and intermediary company maintain connection, land rent of land add add gave the company that joins exhibition business door.

Generally speaking, what manages poorlier owner can obtain 4 months every year to control is short-term rent, and if be good at developing channel, exhibit meeting period to also can be obtained usually taller short hire hire.
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