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"Hotel of family of Olympic Games "
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From BeijingOlympic GamesStill have a year, a lot of people had begun to be in for " Olympic Games " during book a room hardly and be anxious, on the other hand, the many building in this city is worn in empty buy, then, tong Tong saw his little business chance from which.

To August 8 this day, tong Tong (alias) hotel had received many 20 to make an appointment, the requirement is in a house was hired to live in Beijing during the Olympic Games 2008, these make an appointment to come from area of Hong Kong, Macao mostly on the net.

Such results lets Tong Tong in the heart secretly glad, in advance makes an appointment 1 year with respect to somebody Olympic Games room proves her at least at the outset the tentative idea is right. At the outset, to express the confidence of pair of Olympic Games business chance, tong Tong oneselfFamilyBe called since hotel " Olympic Games " . Breach of 150 thousand pieces of bed

A year ago at that time, tong Tong and a few friends begin to planning to manage hotel of a family. Situation of this kind of accommodation is the earliest popular at Europe, the old husband and wife that a few children had left the home the sky in the home the room of more than is rental, can prepare rich and generous breakfast for lodger, also be called accordingly B&B (Bed And Breakfast, the bed adds breakfast)Mode. But of Tong Tong " Olympic Games " domestic hotel hack, it is the house of others, she is willing more others is its understanding " short-term and rental apartment " .

"When deciding to do a such things at the outset, we passed careful consideration. " when saying this word, tong Tong still can remember at that time of the family member object, age gently she always can be thought a kick in one's gallop.

But what Tong Tong believes he sees is an opportunity. According to concerning sectional statistic, in 17 days when Beijing held the Olympic Games 2008, will 260 thousand reach a tourist to count to the audience outside the condition of 320 thousand person-time, and churchyard audience will exceed 2 million person-time. By the tourist that watchs Olympic Games place to bring the number will achieve 150 million person-time. "These people always want to look for a place to live to Beijing? " Tong Tong says. Statistical data of the government shows, beijing has astral class public house at present many 700, still have 4000 societies additionally
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