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I want to have a home
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The near future, college this year's graduates in succession leave school obtain employment, and the field trip of summer vacation time that also began them in school undergraduate works, this rents market infuse for average house new passenger source. Besides the student, still have many going into town Wu labour farmer also is badly in need of solving accommodation problem, these make clear new short-term the tide that rent a house is forthcoming. Recently, the reporter interviews discovery in eyebrow hill the city zone, this appetizing cake did not get landlord people " covet " , the room source of company of the each building intermediary that rent 90% above are year hire, "The month rents a house " still one house is begged hard, short-term lodger is looked for hard " " .

Report: Looking for a month to rent a house is more difficult than seeking exercitation unit

"Eyebrow hill the city zone the house is very bad now to hire, great majority is year rent a house, now and then see a few months rent a house, but it is commonly close with the person hire, and the establishment of form a complete set of the house is very simple also... " Xiaozheng is college of Chengdu grain industry major of industrial and commercial management is big the student of 3, the school just has a holiday, he comes to eyebrow hill alone, apply for an unit exercitation, although exercitation unit was found, live in hostel all the time however. "I thinking of to seek housing is more difficult than seeking exercitation unit. " he tells a reporter, he takes the company of a few building intermediary that rent of big north street and red star road almost, now and then find the month rents a house, but not be attic, approach road namely, and the establishment of form a complete set of the house is very simple also, and price does not poor, did not find satisfactory room up to now so.

The reporter understands in interview, wait for the influence of the element as a result of oneself economy actual strength and working environment, what great majority of this year's graduates chooses is the month is hired, although the month is hired,appear than year hire should expensive. The student that summer vacation time jackarooes becomes long-term lodger impossibly also. Many going into town Wu labour farmer also the limitation because of economic condition, and tendency month hires payment pattern. But eyebrow hill has a month to rent a house rarely however.

Investigation: The month hires fine house to be looked for hard

Recently, capacity of the person that reporter in an attempt to is hired comes to red star east appearance of the intermediary of Lu Mou building that rent, plan month rents one ring house, after the reporter shows one's purpose in coming, appearance boss expresses to rent a house without the month immediately, for years only rent a house. The reporter sees, stick on a side wall of this appearance full rental room information, great majority is a year thousands of go up even the flatlet of 10 thousand yuan of hire, be in right next horn, the reporter sees every months 200 yuan month rents a house, establishment of form a complete set is writing simple furniture only, water and electricity enrages 3, toilet is common. The boss tells a reporter, this room is located in near 3 Su Diao resembling, near street surface the attic of some building, the undergraduate that just just is graduated by an ability was hired.
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