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Paddy city inferior fourth self-help swims whole strategy
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One, circuit name: Chengdu, paddy city inferior line of link of lira of Ding Xiaoxiang case

2, climate state: Paddy city inferior man is downy gas Hou, 9, October portion already left rainy season, sunny weather is more, comfortable at filming, difference in temperature of morning and evening is big, ultraviolet ray is very strong. The temperature of National Day weather of paddy city is in roughly 5 ° C- - left and right sides of 20 ° C, inferior fourth scene area is controlled in 5 ° C roughly, colder in the evening. Recently inferior the weather of fourth scene area had certain law, in the evening if rain, day can be sunshine, fall by day conversely. In the morning normally misty, but met later at 10 o'clock in the morning punctual clear.

3, viatic time: On September 24 ~10 month 6 days midday, add up to 12.5 days

4, viatic circuitry:

Chengdu, 134 kilometers, elegant install, 233 kilometers, grind on the west, 56 kilometers, Lu is decided, 45 kilometers, health surely, 76 kilometers, new the bridge, 68 kilometers, elegant river, 210 kilometers, manage pond, 154 kilometers, paddy city, 73 kilometers

5, visit a tourist attraction: Conch channel (3, 4 camping ground) , bridge of Lu calm iron chain, Mugecuo (wild sea of faces) , new the bridge (photography heaven) , paddy city (mussel general temple, Sang Duigong is careless beach, straight in all temple, , 3 rely on advocate divine hill: Celestial being is day, Xianuoduoji, center to stride brave, 3 gods lake: The arrange that it is heat (milk sea) , the arrange end wood (5 kinds of seas) , eminent Malacuo (pearl sea) ] , manage pond grows green Cole fair prairie of temple, tower fair temple, tower, 8 beauty.

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