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College of summer vacation time, public security combines a platoon to check hid
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Yesterday, city teachs appoint issue urgent announcement, requirement each district teachs service to strengthen summer vacation time to safety is taught and manage further.
As we have learned, teaching appoint continue to undertake discharging checking to establishment of the school after calamity, on rebuilding foundation. The college still will be registered to leaving the student of school to execute, and combine public security department to school inside and outside " day rents a house " or hire a room to undertake discharging checking together.
The reporter teachs from city appoint know, the building of college periphery is rented door, the undergraduate is in of outside school " day rents a house " or rent a house together, it is the much hair element that causes case of college public security. City teachs appoint each college inside requirement city cooperates the branch such as public security, during strengthening pair of summer vacation inside college school, outside school student rents the platoon of the room is checked. In addition, the college undertakes registering to keeping the student of school even, understanding student takes school account, undertake contacting with the parent, stay to the student undertake dogging registering during school.
In addition, city teachs appoint regulation, various education service and school give birth to teacher of summer camp, organization to go out in histology of summer vacation time when the journey, must make each safety first beforehand case.

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