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Chongqing teachs appoint outside checking the platoon university officer " day r
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Since summer vacation time, the natural disaster frequency such as coast of body of our city flood, mud-rock flow, hill is sent. City teachs appoint hold news to aerate yesterday can say, outside checking the platoon school building of middle and primary school and old school " day rents a house " or " rent a house together " .

"After sufferring rainstorm, big disaster, whether is the location of a school of middle and primary school put in the calamity hidden trouble such as coast of body of mountain torrents, mud-rock flow, hill, it is the key that this the platoon checks. "The any detail such as school building, toilet, enclosure won't be let off. " city teachs appoint say, already cannot satisfy normal use requirement, the dangerous house of affection of building whole occurrence danger is called D class dangerous house, to these the building will shut out of service instantly, average dangerous house and the building construction school building that did not include a dangerous house, undertake maintaining consolidate in time after the platoon investigates danger condition. Ever got the school building that the flood immerses, must pass authoritative branch appraisal and affirm after having safe hidden trouble, square recoverable use.

"The building of university periphery is rented door, the undergraduate rents a house in day of outside school ' ' or ' rents a house together ' , it is the element that causes case of college public security. " city teachs appoint express, will right inside school of the college between heat holiday, outside school student rents the room undertakes discharging checking, register to leaving school undergraduate to execute make.

City teachs appoint still express, will wait in danger bridge, dangerous a section of a highway create safe caution card, in the accident much hair ground creates compulsory supervisory manager.

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