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House-owner wants to send " Olympic Games money "
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In greatly the statistical data of constant radical shows, in the market of in former years that rent, one-time autograph two years the room source of above lease is occupied about 15% , and proportion of source of this batch of rooms will drop July nearly 3 into. Professional personage is forecasted, next year high-grade house market will greet the fastigium that hire valence, house-owner wants to take brushstroke of downwind car much gains " Olympic Games money " . At present, high-grade apartment rents periphery of place of Beijing Olympic Games the market appears " lodger add autograph is difficult " phenomenon, a lot of house-owner are not willing to sign next contracts of a year with lodger add.

Come from at Beijing Central Plains the newest data of the research center shows department of 3 class market, the hire return rate of high-grade residence in Beijing from October 2006 5.1% drop to 4.32% June 2007, fall a most apparent period of time be this year will come in March May. According to such market level, to reduce empty buy period, assure profit, landlord hopes to sign agelong contract with lodger. But lodger and small company are chasing after landlord now one-time autograph contract of two years did not succeed, the reason is landlord during wanting to be met in the Olympic Games, hire building weak point, some landlord are short hire prepare ahead of schedule the job, the renting contract that signs at present does not hope lodger lives to next year July. The inn of 78 intermediary door of periphery of Ya Yun Cun all expresses to the reporter, the house that signs a year of above to rent a contract with landlord at present is more difficult, some clients are about to book next year now 7, the following in August house, but at present intermediary company has not begun this kind of professional work that rent.

Short hire house-owner to should foreknow risk of buy of the sky after the Olympic Games

The viewpoint thinks, redound of hire of place periphery apartment moves can grow 50% during the Olympic Games. But Beijing Central Plains the professional personage of the research center analyses department of 3 class market, the basis monitors discovery for a long time, group of the high end in waiting with personage of high level of advanced white-collar, foreign enterprise, foreign nationality gives priority to Beijing more concentrated area, business stays in business affairs atmosphere the area of collect and foreign nationality personage collect amphibious Lou Panju of the area in level of high-grade residence hire can maintain steady growth, and return rate is in the hire of the other market that rent to drop all the time, because this wants to multiply " Olympic Games " the landlord that make money, be on guard even short hire abortive with the empty buy risk after the Olympic Games.

When getting a room to produce rental profit, the house property that hire discretion can decide whole roughly year accrual, reason majority investor thinks hire has been jumped over higher. In fact, outside renting the discretion of year of accrual removes the effect of the discretion of hire getting a month, the strong and weak points of empty buy time is very pivotal also. It is reported, the sky renting a house of Beijing each area buy period is restricted because of the condition such as a sector of an area, rental sky buy period accident also is shown slightly differ. It is with area of Ya Yun Cun exemple, boarding house is at present average hack is empty buy period is 1 to 2 months.
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