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Hotel of all directions railway station enters a village
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"Small hotel is everywhere in the village, all the day tumultuous, make a heart really. " recently, village of 27 favour wave has health Ning Lu in succession the dweller mirrors this matter to our newspaper.

Mr Chen that lives in favour wave village says, there is domestic hotel in the village before, but less, since the railway station moves all directions, the domestic hotel in the village rose more, there are many 20 now. "Every arrive in the evening in the village of clamorous, the person of come and go is very much, we do not have safe feeling. We do not have safe feeling..

The reporter investigates discovery, putting before door of a lot of buildings " hotel " fascia, 2, three-layer also has. Reporter from saddle hill all the way industrial and commercial place understands, the domestic hotel that this village has handled business license 14, current, the branch such as canal of public security, city already intervened investigation.

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