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Short-term room has Lan Cheng not to have city all right
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"I live at most a month, but landlord holds to hire since 3 months. Look for a short-term rental Fang Zhen is difficult. " yesterday, the undergraduate Xiaoxu that Lai Lanxi undertakes the society is carried out says to the reporter. One place is found after small Xulailan rental room, preparation hires a month, and landlord insists to want hire since 3 months. Final, xiaoxu is forced to abandon renting a house.
The reporter learns from orgnaization of intermediary of house property of Home Lan Xi much, this year since summer vacation, because come to the tourist that orchid brook self-help swims and the university that undertake the society is carried out give birth to number increase, demand of short-term and rental room compares the market that rent in former years is apparent grow in quantity. However, most landlord disrelishs a trouble, do not agree to provide short-term and rental room, bring about have do not have city all right. Additional, fractionize of intermediary industry market is insufficient, not was aimed at almost short-term the service that rents a house.
Controller of company of information of bumper harvest house property tells a reporter, stem from economy and the consideration that bring congruent element, landlord hopes to be able to arrive in half an year commonly hire since year, lease is done not have almost in the house inside a month.
The personage inside course of study is analysed, with hire room photograph for a long time to compare, although the short-term chummage that rent a house wants every months apparently a few taller, but the need after lease is full looks for tenement afresh, compare a trouble not only, and have unused risk, because this landlord is not willing to lease the building short-term tenement; Rent get sth done once and for ever for a long time, and the risk with the short-term constant presence that rent, accordingly, intermediary orgnaization also does not wish to roll out the short-term business that rent. But the rapid development as Lan Xi, lai Lanxi's foreigner increases gradually, the demand of the short-term service that rent a house will be bigger, intermediary orgnaization and landlord should consider this market well.

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