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Foreigner comes eyebrow works
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Basic necessities of life is the problem that everybody must face everyday. To the foreigner that to eyebrow hill works, housing is the problem that should solve above all, and should find appropriate satisfactory housing, it is so not easy to appear.

Xiaotang of the person that rent a house: I am this year the university is graduate, a person leaves home come eyebrow hill works. Pushed a month with the friend before finding a room. Be in whole in the course that seeks a room, I see the small ad that has rental house, call to asked in the past. The result discovers building of a lot of hack is flatlet, my person lives not be to one's profit, also be assumed without such economic capacity. Look for a person to close hire do not have appropriate person selected again. Still having house of a lot of hack is a year to should rent, and should make deposit, oneself just graduate, also do not have so much money. Choose so will be chosen, still did not find appropriate room. Below the help that works in the same place in the unit later and introduction, just found the room that lives now, by the cell that the garage rebuilds. Chummage half an year 1000 yuan, have hot water, water and electricity expends additional diplomacy. There is a piece of bed only in the room, water heater, a piece of table and a cabinet. The house that lives now actually still slants bit more expensive, I search hard considering cell, came down surely so. In whole process seeking a room, my deepest feeling is difficult. Be in hard hard the deadline demand with rental and average house is a year, clear chummage. Still having is cell searchs hard, for these two people that just had a job to us, economic burden is a bit heavy, can homeward in apply for to assist. Nevertheless, I to what the environment all round housing and traffic condition still compare satisfaction now.

Landlord yellow gentleman: Building hack door model it is to do not have method to offer cell, because the building of our home is of a two hall of 3 rooms. Because our family person is in now,renting is Chengdu, this house just comes out to be used for nothing rental, gain the it may not be a bad idea that choose fund. If unused a kind of waste that also is pair of resource. Be in because of us other place, come back very troublesome, add the consideration that stems from safety, rent commonly so ask to rent one year. Sign contract of a year, have profit to hiring the both sides of the room actually. I decreased to change ceaselessly the loaded down with trivial details of the client's cost and formalities, the person that rent a house also reduces moving anguish. If be a month only,hire, I every month should keep look for a person to want chummage, find the right person that rent a house so not easily also. Still have a very main reason, consider safety namely. Short-term rent a house, personnel fluidity is too great, do not facilitate manage and supervise, I or afraider furniture are relevant perhaps establishment is marred, the other issue that perhaps causes from this.
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