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Does undergraduate outside school hire a room to should be banned?
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Ministry of Education issued an announcement a few days ago, the education of student of accommodation of strict outside school and management, college of requirement each district the following new student should assure 2007 class to lodge by class, in principle does not allow student proper motion to hire a room to live in outside school.

The decision that place of Ministry of Education makes, it is to result from current undergraduate to hire room current situation, show according to number of statistic of company of Beijing estate broker, enter after July, the building is rented clinch a deal the quantity continues to increase considerably, the student is the near future is rented clinch a deal the most crucial factor that estimates growth, can occupy the half left and right sides that grows gross to demand. Undergraduate outside school rents a house, had been the illicit thing of exceptional student not just, and turned a kind of society into the phenomenon.

But, undergraduate of requirement of Ministry of Education is not gotten outer the one paper ban that rents a house aroused numerous controversy in this summer vacation time, this one ban whether execute? Why do undergraduates choose such way of life? Ban hire make carry out rise whether the support that gets a student?

One paper ban brings billows

In July, the market renting a house of Beijing appears very hot since summer vacation time, hire a room to apply for a job besides college graduate outside, use holiday to come to Beijing jackaroo, enter one's deceased father grind coach a nonlocal undergraduate that attend class, become an infuse Beijing new force of the short-term market that rent a house. Many college periphery lease room estate very flourishing, many dwellers the home medium vacate from housing will be used at renting, have already rent a house for a long time, also day rents a house. Day hires house-owner to want to rent explore close parent or campus sweethearts, the business is very hot.

To the undergraduate, the origin of the information that rent a house is extensive, the conduct propaganda in a lot of university campus is stuck on column full the advertisement that rent a house, there also is special building to rent on forum board piece, the student of Tsinghua university is initiative still built " the undergraduate helps each other the net that rent a house " , provide substantial information and help, beg relatively with rental advertisement hire advertisement to also be stuck everywhere is it is thus clear that on the net. Visible, the student hires a room to be not in outside school individual, with become social phenomenon to describe had not been.

As opposite as this is, ministry of Education issued an announcement a few days ago, do not allow student proper motion to hire a room to live in outside school. Why to hire a room to issue a prohibition to outside school this year? Chief says related Ministry of Education, this is the consideration that Ministry of Education stems from many sided. It is the safe problem that lives considering outside school; 2 it is to ask student collective accommodation is abandoned, be helpful for strengthening management, strengthen the communication communication between the student. Chief says: "This is principle requirement, each college should enact specific administrative measure with respect to the opinion of Ministry of Education. "
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