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Channel of xinhua net Heilongjiang on July 27 special telegram (reporter Yi Lin) price control is in standard room 200 yuan the following, provide the multinomial service such as shower of 24 hours of hot water, independent air conditioning, cable television, be in travel city Harbin, economy hotel more and more be away for the summer holidays the tourist's favour.

According to Harbin of hotel of sex of chain of a whole nation the staff member of inn introduces, into the guest room of this inn is rental since summer rate achieve 90 % left and right sides, for the most part guest

Development of the economy of Harbin hotel starts 2005 bottom, development has the whole nation that faces business affairs personage to interlink sexual brand inn not only up to now, still have the store of this locality brand that provides personalized service. But according to a whole nation controller of chain brand inn is evaluated, be in Harbin such travel city, economy hotel still is a burgeoning thing however.

A Harbin citizen that just came back from nonlocal travel says, regard a labour as firewood a group of things with common features, before he goes travelling can network of have the aid of asks about destination to whether have economy public house to the netizen. He thinks, in the whole nation each travel greatly city, should make the concept of economy hotel resembles dormitory of hotel of astral class guesthouse, family, youth be being understood by people euqally, travel market should be offerred for tourist multivariate, the choice that human nature influences.

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