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Do not see certificate hand in money to enter room
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Just put summer vacation, in university campus quiet many. But reporter discovery, some places however " lively " rose. City is in Shenyang on net of column of some tall intramural news, telegraph pole, campus, day hires Fang Xiaoan to announce ceaseless increase, content still holds out stir: "Sweet hut, bound of 2 the world, offer fanner, TV, double bed to wait, bed sheet is daily clean, wholesome and clean, price material benefit. Price material benefit..

"Day rents a house " it is what appearance after all, had a holiday for what its instead fire rose, on July 26, the reporter hired a room to undertake to the day near Shenyang city college dark visit.

   Day hires room environment such " quiet and tastefully laid out "

The reporter hires Fang Xiaoan to accused the phone on to hit the past according to a day, those who pick up the telephone is a middleaged woman, "From face near future end to arrive now, the student that rents a house is held out all the time much, if you want to hire,come down surely with respect to breakfast, the environment is good here, furnished, TV, water heater, bedding is all ready also. Bedding is all ready also..

Agree to meet after the place, in this woman guide below, the reporter will be located in some school Xi Menjia to belong to a day inside the area to rent a house. This is a vintage residence, the house is in 3 buildings, 40 square metre are controlled. Push open the door, a mildewy flavour comes over, wall skin and ceiling have what bedding face accumulates to fall off, furniture very " contracted " : A piece of vintage double bed, an old television, a pedestal fan, still have a dirty sofa, and sheet, quilt shows dark yellow, still have be patted to die the bloodstain of mosquito.

"Be to say the environment is quiet and tastefully laid out on advertisement, is clothes so dirty can wholesome? " the reporter asks. The woman expresses, before one takes an exam because of end of by a definite date, many people hire a room to review, the house is close spruce. The exam ends the school to have a holiday, a lot of sweethearts make the best of time to cross boundary of 2 the world, so house not anxious is hired. "Almost everyday somebody comes, also have not enough time to clear away so, have nothing to do, it is a student, the disease that do not have what " .

"Hire a room what to formalities want? " " need not " , the woman says, those who come it is a student mostly, need not see certificate, hand in money to go, 50 yuan a day. Xiaohe says the undergraduate that heads for together with the reporter, there also is those who rent a house in the classmate, mirror day to hire the bedding in the room mostly " not wholesome " , the room is ventilated poor also.

   In the heart " photograph like the head " of brandish do not go

Below the help of student Xiaohe, the reporter sent a card on campus BBS, discuss you how to see increasingly general day hire room problem.
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