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Preference of the tourist that enter Tibet hides type family hotel

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Message of Xinhua News Agency:  attentively is like Lu to seek  of  of Yan of mildew of ヂ of faint outskirt Yi to subtle comfort Song of tuft of Le of calumniate of leaf of ⑶ of appearance of  of department of the ┝ that swallow Mao mires carapace of D of field of ∷ Gao fat stops many tourists of? of  of  heart rotten earthen jar are happy to hide type family hotel is experienced. It is in the labyrinthian tunnel of 8 outline markets of Lhasa city, many siheyun that contain raise are gotten married by development front courtyard hotel. The bare of service personnel general of a hotel tells a reporter, since the summer of hotel enter rate be in 80% above, the client comes loose domestic and internationally with what travel into Tibet the guest is given priority to.

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