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Hotel and catering industry business money new layout view
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This area will become the city of Chongqing, the largest regional density of white-collar Jinling, one of the white-collar work, busy after work entertainment in addition to the Internet but also how this degree to become members of the public living in the vicinity of the northern New problem. But as the two rivers to create the new district, entertainment giants have entered, the residents sing after work, doing the massage is not a problem. "Our headquarters in Shanghai, the Pudong New Area in Shanghai, we have four or five stores, and business is good, Two Rivers District is considered to be China's third district, presumably will not be weaker than the Pudong development momentum." Shanghai Haoledi related responsible person, very optimistic about the company in Chongqing, Chongqing has been concerned about the investment environment changes, "Two Rivers Area" concept was put forward to the time to contact the headquarters of the North Zone at the time were investigated, the scope included in the shop plans. Di Guo Ming Chi, chairman of Fujian joy that the region will affect the overall development of Chongqing, is very optimistic about the opportunities this market, waiting for the commercial form is clearer, in this layout. Relief work in addition to singing entertaining way, to do something relaxing foot massage, is also a good way to white-collar pastime. Overseas Health Rich, general manager of Chongqing, said Hu Zhirong, the past year, the rich have both overseas and around the New River distribution, has been the delineation of the Fortune Centre and Olympic Park, two points, and according to the company's plans to open five in the region shop. Reporter Chen Ke Hotel Investment Opportunities Investment is still "the initial stage," the opportunity to enter the sooner the better "New River will be constructed in two the city's new International Exhibition Center, which is driving the hotel group will not be one, two concepts." Yesterday, former Secretary-General of Chongqing Tourist Hotels Association Peishan Lin talked about the new Two Rivers area of the hotel industry business opportunities said, the hotel settled in Two Rivers Area sooner the better. Peishan Lin, at present the two rivers and a new luxury hotel district only payment source, Sovereign, several domestic brands of five-star hotels, no hotel settled in an international top brands; chain hotels, business hotels, middle and low hotel is less than normal, basically small, scattered, weak, poor condition. While high-end hotels is concentrated in the "Three North" and other mature communities. "The establishment of two rivers District, Chongqing City, the hotel industry is undoubtedly another great opportunity for the top international hotel brand to enter a huge space." Peishan Lin said. Faced with such a large gap and the temptation, when the hotel industry for the best? In this regard, Peishan Lin said that the development of the hotel itself, in advance, often the first to a hotel, after a mature community, so the two rivers into the new district should be the sooner the better. However, according to Pei Shanlin, at present the hotel is still around in Jiangbei district, Yubei, North Zone and other more mature areas, "in the mouth the Tsai family, such as relatively empty regions, has not yet heard of." Peishan Lin said This is precisely the opportunity. Reporter Ao Xiang Fei Investment Opportunities Catering Food giant beach north of gluttonous eating a family to worry about Two Rivers Area is undoubtedly for the catering industry in Chongqing is also a mention upgraded, new opportunities to carve up territories, and the gluttonous family, will not be the same as now, to enjoy the delicious food more than half an hour had to run up the road. Choi Heung source boss Huang Can these two days busy, "We have a hundred in the northern part of New Forest Park next to win a single-family, doing high-end restaurant." Two Rivers Area of the building will become the main city to the north of the existing district Another outside the economic high ground, "This certainly will be a window to the outside of Chongqing, gathered a large number of companies, will bring unprecedented high-end consumer groups." Two years ago, was entirely neglected in the region when the food giant in Chongqing Tao Ran Ju crocodile began to break new marina here: Carefree Town, Chongqing Center, Two Rivers Center, Carefree Resort equal following the opening. But for now, Qi Yan Tao Ran Ju, chairman of the objectives began to change: "fast food and Western food will be very popular in the region." Yan Qi, said Tao Ran Ju is planning to enter the fast food and Western food industry, where the first test the water in the two rivers is the new area. Qi Yan revealed that in 2008 the Centre Steam Bo 15 yuan per square meter rent, and now rents near the center of steam Bo has a full up 10 times. She said, Lazi early, for enterprises, in the initial phase of considerable cost advantage. In addition, including the Qin Ma, wool, etc., a number of Columbia Laoya Tang restaurant giants are starting to base set in the North Zone.

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