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Shangri-La settled intention to Guiyang
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Yesterday, the Mayor met with Yuan Zhou went to visit the Shangri-La building (Asia) Limited Lau, director of business development plans and his party. Figure Lau said that if the conditions are ripe, I hope, "Shangri-La" settled in Guiyang.
It is understood that Shangri-La Hotels and Resorts is Asia's largest luxury hotel group in the world, 5 continents have distribution, has opened 68 hotels and about 40 hotels under construction. In recent years, Shangri-La Group in the eastern provincial capital, tourism based on the layout of the city beginning to take shape, began to second-tier cities in China, the western regions. In the afternoon, Liu visited the exhibition of flowers and building side of the block, Zhongshan West Road, Jinqiao Hotel, 2310 block, Jinyang Station North Station functional areas, Jinyang Convention and Exhibition Center, Jinyang Road, west of the commercial market with Binyang, gold Shenyang Olympic Sports Center and other places to learn more about planning and construction of Guiyang city and economic development.
During the meeting, Yuan Zhou, on behalf of the city line on the graph Lau, extended a warm welcome, a brief introduction to the situation in Guiyang City. He said that in recent years, rapid economic development of Guiyang tour. A large number of star hotels and economy hotels settled in Guiyang, and maintain a high occupancy rate. With your extensive iron and several other fast speed railway started in Guiyang, Southwest traffic hub, as will further highlight the hope that Shangri-La (Asia) Ltd. more attention to Guiyang, Guiyang, to communicate with, communication.
Liu exhibition of a brief introduction to the Shangri-La Hotels and Resorts, said the basic situation, through the study, prospects for the development of confidence in Guiyang, Guiyang City hope to have the opportunity to carry out more extensive cooperation. If all aspects of the conditions are ripe, "La" want to settle down in Guiyang.

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