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Come blueness lives inn centre of gravity gradually north moves
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Recently, sponsor by government of city north district " You Qing island stays in city north " result of economy hotel selection activity is announced, fast 8, the star of bright and beautiful river, like the home, Mo Tai 168 He Yiyu is obtained " outstanding economy hotel " title. Recently a year, economy hotel is in city boreal take root gradually northerly and outspread, come Qingdao travels, look south the line is classical, live upper public house, had become new option of the tourist.

Economy hotel enters close full house

Citizen Mr Zhang is the closest " welcome the job " very heavy, kin, classmate a batch another batch come over to treat the lake from native place, be away for the summer holidays, drink beer. Often have " welcome the job " when, mr Zhang most what consider first is fast 8, the star of bright and beautiful river, Mo Tai 168 wait to distributing a few times the economy of area of north is in city hotel. "Live now hotel of class of SamSung of anomalistic leaving the of great capacity, calculating is not seascape hotel, also want 779 yuan, too expensive! Too expensive!!

Speak of a hotel before, the nature that thinks of above all in mind of a lot of people is before the hotel guesthouse near sea a gleam of. However, the train of thought of people also is in now producing change, be in city as economy hotel boreal area blossom everywhere and gradually northerly and outspread, plus people travels nowadays the change of means, "Go toward north look for a hotel " more and more approbate for people place. The reporter enrols trade bureau to understand from city north area, last year in August, the economy inside city north area hotel still has 5 only, and so far, the economy inside city north area hotel 26, still have SamSung class and the following public house in addition 12, bed gross achieved more than 6500. This theres is no lack of among them the star of river of Jin Sha bright and beautiful, fast store of famous chain of such 8 international and country, the golden lion that also made mainland 100 wait for chain brand. According to Jin Sha the controller of business affairs hotel introduces, at present this inn enters a case good, be in at ordinary times 90% the left and right sides, on the weekend when can achieve even 100% .

Low price and characteristic street are become sell a site

According to reporter understanding, at present a few economy of city north area hotel, the price between off-season standard is in more than 100 yuan, and the busy season of at present, the price between the standard of a few hotels is in 339 yuan. Nevertheless, but the hotel price near the sea before still be being compared wants low 30-50% left and right sides. The hotel of golden Sha business affairs at Yan Jilu sees reporter v/arc be on the throne, without trival add function, did not widen atmospheric hall, but 10M is fiber-optic get online the soft hardware establishment that waits for guest room is everything needed is ready however. The controller of the hotel expresses, economy hotel emphasizes practical, exempted a few needless establishment and service, because this reduced cost, facilitated the advantage on the price.
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