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Travel busy season
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Dispatch of day hill net (exercitation reporter Li Kai reports) duration travel busy season, metropolis each hotel and same last year, domestic home full house, but the competitive pattern of hotel industry produced delicate change however, the advantage of quick economy hotel is highlighted.

"Enter in August, hotel guest room explodes all the time full, begin to lead from the beginning of the year actually do not have low over- 90% . " recently, zhang Xiaoqiong of assistant of manager of quick hotel antechamber tells Home A the reporter, build what throw when the hotel to be less than 10 million yuan of cost, called in one year entirely.

Same, the reporter understands from the quick hotel such as actor spy, Wen Yuan, busy season enters these hotels to lead also be in 100% .

As we have learned, from 2005 second half of the year arrives now, metropolis appeared in succession 8 quick hotels, cause client with in low end consumes a group to give priority to.

Compare quick economy hotel, the fixed position of astral class hotel is higher. Collect river is colorful amount to Fang Jiaoyu of hotel selling manager to say: "We more it is to recieve large and medium-sized conference guest and business affairs negotiate on behalf of groups of such a few clients, coming loose the reception of guest and tourism group also is making proper control on the amount. Coming loose the reception of guest and tourism group also is making proper control on the amount..

Although the fixed position of quick hotel and astral class hotel is different, but the travel busy season this year, former produced a few effects to astral class hotel however.

Oriental dynasty hotel sells chief inspector Zhang Lei to say, nearly two years arisen quick hotel is attracting tourism group to reach medicinal powder the guest enters a field, constituted particular menace to SamSung class and even hotel of 4 stars class really, especially price of economy hotel guest room, maintain basically be in 238 yuan - 268 yuan, with astral class hotel photograph comparing has very strong competition ability. To this view, fang Jiaoyu expresses, influential, but not quite.

The travel busy season August, mostly class hotel enters the star to lead also achieve 95% , but collect river is colorful amount to, richly China waited for price of the retail sales between hotel standard to be reduced than last year however 10% the left and right sides, even if is such, collect river is colorful amount to a hotel to be entered lead or dropped compared to the same period 6.3% , this does not eliminate among them belated travels this year the influence of busy season, but of quick hotel strong inbreaking also is a when bring about astral class hotel to reduce house price main factor.
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