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Of economy hotel 36 plan
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Economy hotel, one is really hotel of class of traditional to those star " new student " thing, as more and more go on a journey person to it " favour has add " , economy hotel stands firm with a kind of upright and unafraid impetus already before us.

"Budgethotel " the appellation that is it, "Economyhotel " another name that also is it. What is meant by economy hotel, soft hardware standard is achieved or be close to one, 2, SamSung class hotel (the share is higher

Except of hotel of class SamSung class) and is price cheap? ... about economy hotel, still do not have method to give out at present exact, the definition that everybody approbates. But about it more and more fire, there still are a few reasons among but abide, and this, namely " of economy hotel 36 plan " .

   36 plan: Have a definite object in view

Economy hotel with the city " knapsack a group of things with common features " in mixing, personnel of little business affairs is cause client. Do one's best is these advocate the foundation such as the repose that the guest offers high quality serves, can generalize for " the bed of class of the room of class of the hall of class of the wall of one star class, 2 stars, SamSung, 4 stars " .

Right " knapsack a group of things with common features " personnel of Wu of the Xiaoshang in mixing, whether to have gym, swim pool; Whether to have multilateral cate; Whether big bed of crock of stock massage bath, flexibility... not be the focus that they care. Comfortable, clean with price economy just be their biggest demand drop, and this, also be the essential place of economy hotel.

36 plan: Arrogate to oneself borrows east wind

Economy hotel does not need basically to remove high-rise additionally, or will old building is transformed, or rental, had prevented large fixed assets investment, repass decorate handily, can open the door do business.

36 plan: Consolidate power

The value curve of economy hotel, it is the eliminate that carries element of pair of hotel of traditional star class, decrease, increase, creation, open oneself and astral class hotel and social hotel distinction come. Each economy hotel has it to unite " Logo " with designation, and even inside inn decorating also is similar. The profit that such doing is the impress of the inn of go with wine of bake in a pan in the firmly in consumer heart, become you for instance at sight of " 7 days of hotels " of that La La " 7 " word, clear hotel with respect to forwardly.

  36 plan: Foster strengths and circumvent weaknesses

Economy hotel is satisfying a guest again " accommodation " and " breakfast " need of two big core. Economy hotel unexpectedlies flavour " cheap " , what it did away with luxurious wasteful, economy is not practical this odd group, oneself good qualities play.

What differ with general hotel place is, the function of economy hotel more concentration, meal, shop, recreational function is compressed greatly, simplify, do not set even, devoted operation cost is reduced considerably. Centralize service function on accommodation, do one's best is excelsior on Wu of nuclear be convinced.
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