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Economy of city of another name for Ningbo hotel sadly suddenly turn hostile
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"Sleep one good become aware, eat a goluptious breakfast. " it is the management concept with economy the most standard hotel. However, as the aggravate that the industry competes, economy hotel begins to abandon " economy " appearance, the person that enter after partial market draws close to astral class sadly. The personage inside course of study says, the conformity that competes to quickening an industry and shuffle, partial economy hotel draws close to astral class, industry of adumbrative public house of town of another name for Ningbo is in the way that look for needs dissimilation to compete.

"Individuation " economy hotel shows a body

Traditional economy hotel for managing cost, command house price, majority was adopted compress or cancel the function such as meal, conference, recreation, the core that offers hotel job only is consumed -- , accommodation. Guest room toilet is used strong drench establishment and crock of disturbed outfit bath, television does not have special television ark, even if bath fluid, soap, tooth is provided etc, also be to be able to be saved save namely. However this kind of economy hotel begins hotel of holiday of musical instrument of the one inn of day of Na Yuan Home E that at present appears, billow however stealthily suddenly turn hostile, in-house establishment finishs sth simply no longer, some of astral class hotel, they also do one's best is complete.

2005, na Yuan Home E leaves gave the first branch. As Ning Bo native land economy hotel interlinks a brand, went two years, na Yuan Home E already left gave 10 doors store. Go up month, this brand leaves in Changchun road gave store of a flagship, as simple as the tradition " B B " (breakfast of BED bed BREAKFAST) mode economy hotel is different, this door inn acquired an independent cafe serves as " accessory " , elegant background music, gules cloth art sofa, glisten crystal bead shade, show the sentiment of a kind of delicate elegance fully.

Not come singly but in pairs, although price also is economy standard,leave the public house of holiday of billow musical instrument with one not far inn of day of Na Yuan Home E, dan Mei rares red mass-tone moves a room, sweet pattern cushion for leaning on, delicate and lovely sunflower shape small candle is decorated, the coffee office that small qualification moves, the device of having a unique style lets a hotel have local color additionally one time it seems that.

According to introducing, in Ning Bo, interpose is mixed at economy hotel between astral class hotel " personalized theme hotel " gradually grow in quantity, like Biteman house public house, maple luxuriant send a hotel to wait a moment. The unit price of these hotels wants than economy hotel 100 yuan tall ~200 yuan, market share also is inferior to economy hotel far that kind is big, but won position with providing the service of character trait extremely however.

Poor dissimilation development makes living way
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