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Economy hotel faces enormous challenge
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Recently, hotel of economy of general of beautiful star passenger liner chain " my hotel " roll out every night 99 yuan exceed low room, shock industry.

Economy hotel from a new force suddenly rises 5 years ago, with simplifying price of function, tall sex is compared, low cost 3 action, from inside traditional hotel cut gives his target market, at once blossom everywhere, enter turn white-hot competition. Development arrives today, look be like successful economy hotel, solid already faced enormous challenge: It is the market by nibble, divide up. The price is sensitive lever. Above the bovine back of the person that innovate so, bite forever full the oestrus midge fly that builds downwind car, they do not need to assume the price of innovation, need to read aloud an a pithy formula only: Go with you, lower than you, can divide a cup of a thick soup. The market also is not tripartite confrontation of the Three Kingdoms, however the Five Dynasties that a large number of heroes removes 10 countries. Fool grab, under battle royal, must is flat, drop a batch, just meet the structure with new establishment.

It is location of economy chain hotel next gradually hasten is ambiguous. The success of economy hotel, result from fixed position essence is accurate. Simplify the function of traditional hotel and form a complete set greatly, concentration is in " live " on, jian Zhi is " one bed " , " one net " , satisfy the core need of business affairs guest. But fall in present competitive pattern, hotel of class of traditional SamSung, 4 stars is contention this share market, also suddenly change one's identity, the price is stood by to economy hotel, thereby aggravate compete. Economy hotel is hold a dominant position, begin to pay attention to the establishment of form a complete set such as meal again. Think of surely like Hong Kong appropriate, propagandist language is " Youcomehereforourrooms, youwillcomebackforourrestaurant " , (" you come for our room, you come to the dining-room that is us again " ) . Also somebody tries to be being decorated, tall a gleam of goes on the service, in market of target of original economy hotel, depart again an one share is relative business affairs guest of high end.

Additional, the economy Training Within Industry that interlinks a hotel does not follow to go up outspread speed. The character of the service became great issue. Be in Hangzhou a hotel, enter waited 20 minutes. I observe, handling the issue of 3 above at the same time downstage, but do not divide importance, pick up the telephone a little while, seek a bill a little while, discuss between the colleague a little while, those who be hanged on the mouth is forever " I am sorry, wait a bit please " . See a smile on the face of downstage clerk rarely, it is one face exhaustion, loath courtesy more, how can you find " like the home " feeling?

Moreover, the sexual price of the hotel is compared show downtrend. Be short of with Training Within Industry lose photograph partner, subsequently and those who come is character drops necessarily. In Zhongshan highway an economy hotel, I discover the corner has posse to placing the hair of dirt. Is this a guest? Still be many guests? If " economy " only definition is two words " cheap " , price of sex of OK and serious deviate is compared, can sacrifice service, so, sooner or later the guest can abandon this kind " economy " .
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