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Kunming economy hotel is dedicated to chain managing
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In recent years, a few with " economy " the hotel that is catchword is in Kunming downtown spreads between the commercial building of flourishing a sector of an area grow, door head is not big, enter rate is high however. The reporter visited discovery recently, kunming part economy hotel has walked out of the unknown to public, management way that this small running, stride a chain to change management pace.

The reporter sees in shop of station of north of Beijing king hotel, although hall of first floor inn is small, sweet however be like the home. Housing water list price indicates, the standard confuses your room 76 yuan. Zhang Li analyses Beijing king hotel, economy hotel satisfied business affairs personage to understand convenience sex, housing to handing in office of comfortable sex, network is convenient the requirement such as the gender while, the fashionable sex of economy hotel still satisfied business affairs crowd " face " demand.

Current, if the economy such as the home hotel has been in,many towns of domestic expand oneself sale network, but antenna has not touch Yunnan market. While Yunnan mainland economy hotel is enlarging oneself actual strength ceaselessly, also stepped the pace of outward dilate. On July 16, beijing king hotel is in Beijing Haidian area on the west the chain store start business near passenger station, be not worth the business state of a month up to now, zhang Dayin of Beijing king hotel is used " explode every day full " will describe.

"Had not done professional market research beforehand, but the difficulty that does look forward to of sensory another name for Yunnan Province to enter Beijing field is not great also. " Zhang Dayin expresses, the advantage of Beijing of Beijing king base oneself upon is the price above all, 116 yuan of price interval to 196 yuan have competition ability in Beijing hotel market. In addition, invest the characteristic with long pay back period than traditional hotel, the investment pay back period of economy hotel is brief. Zhang Dayin expresses, beijing king hotel evens more even locksmith 3 times 10 million yuan investment, anticipate to 5 years 3 years adduction is answered.

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