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The development that hotel type apartment is in China
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Be in China, hotel type apartment is an exotic, the course is modelled on, after reforming, already stealthily producing change, appeared the many categories that have Chinese distinguishing feature. The existence on the market is at present more is to develop business to be as soon as possible disinvestment and hotel of appearing property right type, what get dispute quite is as burgeoning as landed photograph union time-sharing goes vacationing product.

The classification of hotel type apartment reachs of all kinds characteristic

Concept of hotel type apartment is the earliest traceable the Europe of the later period in 19 centuries. It is travel area hires a tourist to offer its at that time temporarily the property of have a rest, although the guest of this kind of property just is made easy and stay, but offer what unite to them to come to serve, have the quality of the hotel already so, be equivalent to an individual again " temporarily live " , this formed the rudiment of hotel type apartment. Soon, this kind of property is in Europe increasing, the service is more and more considerate also, get of broad consumer reputably. Got great progress in the United States, fashioned a mature product gradually. In apartment of Chinese hotel type it is an exotic. Through old development, oneself of hotel type apartment also produced change, the type also begins fractionize, there are 3 kinds commonly on the market at present: The public house of property right type that brings lease (Property Hotel) , the boarding house of service type hotel that provides a service only (Serviced Apartment) , sell differentiate according to time the time-sharing of property right goes vacationing product (Holiday Ownership) . Differ according to what development business grows train of thought and the investment kind of owner is different, same kind also produced change, at present the existence on the market teachs much is property right type hotel and can live oneself apartment of type hotel type.

Time-sharing goes vacationing the feasibility means of apartment of type hotel type

Time-sharing goes vacationing the product still is in simple to develop level in our country, this exotic can encounter in domestic development hard to avoid " natural environment refuses to obey " circumstance. But, undertake to its mainland is changed actively transform, discuss a way of a feasibility, comply with our country go vacationing the development of the market, this goes vacationing to beginning time-sharing the business of the respect also is having crucial effect.

1) the support that seeks national tourism bureau, legal status

The time-sharing of traditional pattern goes vacationing because the product is in the issue that sells the existence on link and part are illegal of operator enter first, negative effect was caused on our country market. Current, the country goes vacationing when bisect of relevant management department have not make be limitted clearly and restrict, time-sharing goes vacationing product management company is in after producing issue with consumer, without legal support, be immersed in passive situation. But should make the time-sharing of our country goes vacationing legalization, policy and governmental guidance are to show level little not.
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