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High-end apartment comes loose carry out is immersed in awkward condition
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It is choice hold, still come loose carry out? What the development business more of apartment of Beijing development high end chooses is latter.

This creates the awkward condition that serves type apartment and hotel type apartment directly. "Medicinal powder the project of carry out often undertakes administrative hard. Invest what him guest searchs to rent a settle or live in a strange place uneven, this makes hire a guest captiously to also do not like. " a personage inside course of study says.

Of apartment of Beijing hotel type enter rate is overall the case is not high, be like CBD to be able to be achieved in the traditional area of the eastpart part only 90% . Hire is in commonly 20 dollars / square metre / day. Hotel and high-end apartment are their direct competitor.

Medicinal powder the administrative difficult problem of carry out

"The hire level of a few hotel type apartment of Beijing is at present lower. Basically be hotel type apartment undertakes coming loose making work, the client that causes group uneven, again good property also can devalue. Statistical data shows, hotel type apartment and photograph of service type apartment are compared, investment return rate became low 50% the left and right sides. " Yang Leyu of vise general manager of center of Beijing brilliance international says.

Investigate statistic according to our newspaper, accord with this to plant at present " hire only do not make work " service type apartment, beijing is controlled 15 times in all, outside dividing hold of group of cabinet of Singapore elegant poem or the boarding house that run, other include boarding house of trade of apartment of Beijing international club, nation and palmy spring apartment of administration of 10 thousand a person of extraordinary powers.

Because cent of hotel type apartment belongs to different owner, compete each other. Lead to rise to rent from the boarding house that has property right, use the possibility reduce the price to wait for measure, affect the figure of whole project.

A few projects invest a guest for limitation, will head pay rise 40% , with assuring to live oneself the crowd of the type holds larger proportion. "If client group dinkum sex cannot get assuring, so certainly will affects crowd of a few high quality enter rate. " Yang Leyu says.

But the dinkum sex that restricts a client strictly has certain difficulty. "The client occupy with partial low quality hotel of 5 stars class, that cannot say hotel of 5 stars class is not hotel of 5 stars class. " Yang Leyu thinks even if the service type apartment of onefold property right also cannot reject this part crowd, after all return rate is the first.

Great majority professes " apartment of hotel service type " the project is average house only actually, at best just looks big to resemble a public house quite downstairs.

Property right causes owner and government dispersedly unified opinion often cannot be reached between the company, cannot accomplish unified managing so, the class that faces a client is ambiguous also, without the plan hiring Wu that flexibility changes, more do not talk to go up the service of hotel type. At best of this kind of project can be called only " the apartment of private property type of similar hotel " .
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