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The residence changes business room or office use a room
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"Live transform business " , it is to show residence of chief commander of course of study changes business room or office are used with the room. Recently, the reporter visited village of the part inside city, discovery " live transform business " the phenomenon exists generally. To this, the reporter interviewed partial village owner and relevant section, the view that listens attentively to them --

"Live transform business " the phenomenon exists generally

"This where is residential area, it is a factory simply! " door of day of court of the district in change is street Shaanxi alley Ms. Chen of 3 buildings of 7 1 unit says 3 alley, a sew processing factory is next door her home, useless cloth fills in corridor completely. "Everyday ' buzzs ' machine voice makes a noise the person is afflictively, very rusty " .

In the dweller building that the reporter visits this village to see more than 40, the house that has an in part is changed to wait into small-sized factory, storeroom, some sending shoe, line, lacy, some treatment batt, bedding bag...

"The house that our area under administration has 80% was changed business room. " Yu Lei of vice director of Shaanxi region community introduces, "Live transform business " door of day of phenomenal hold office at court is taken quite outstanding, major house is changed factory of small mill, coolie, return some to open domestic hotel.

More than introduction, the small shop that swarms into residential area does not have business charter for the most part, contact personnel is complex bring about public security problem to highlight; The machine bangs song affects a dweller to rest, aggravate of safe hidden trouble... " we often receive a dweller to complain, besides mediation, advise, how to know to do? How to know to do??

Reporter investigation, the new-style village that builds in last few years " live transform business " basically be use the house when office building, for instance, open advertisement designs drawing office of company, figure, beauty parlour to wait. The name of China eaves · that spreads like Shi Qiao inside the village, professional family education grooms point of sales of orgnaization, cosmetic, wash clothes to wait for even locksmith.

"Live transform business " offer life advantage

A few citizens also think, "Live transform business " phenomenon, be not without a single redeeming feature. Especially each village with service the business shop that give priority to, to the dweller the life brings very big advantage.

Name of China eaves · owner Li Shaojiang says, the washs clothes to give need dry-clean clothing and other articles of daily use even locksmith dweller of the village offerred advantage.

7 stars hillock is street Feng Xiaolan of dweller of lotus pool community, the massage of very satisfactory village massages the service such as barber shop of room, hairdressing, "Very convenient, want content canal or community to be opposite only the person that be in business does good government, noninterference dweller life goes " .
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