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The personage inside course of study reminds hotel type apartment
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Supply of apartment of Tianjin hotel type soars, with its essence of life is decorated, hotel type service, rental income attracted many customer, but the personage inside course of study reminds -- hotel type apartment, be certain reinvest

Hotel type apartment is product of a kind of high-grade apartment, the clothbound that runs a service to introduce hotel type property commonly repairs business to use a room. In recent years, supply of apartment of type of this city hotel increases considerably, its " investment lives oneself two-phase appropriate " advertisement offensive attracted many purchaser. So is owner lives truely to experience and hire a condition what kind of?

   Property quality the good and bad are intermingled

River east near area Zhongshan door the incessantly of the complain of suffering that occupy place that owner Mr Hao of apartment of one hotel type is him. He tells a reporter, april 2006 portion, he bought the clothbound of a 40 square metre to build boarding house with more than yuan 30 price, but develop business to did not handle property right card to owner up to now, the building still appeared quality problem, the quality of establishment of form a complete set also with former and affirmatory not agree with. In east the gentleman thing gate of a lane that boarding house of type of a hotel bought near the square after the station also feels to regret, because he discovers into the ability after living the parking space inside the village is not worth badly, property level of management also owes beautiful.

A lot of wanting that apartment hack owner also begins to be anxious, because the house is hired basically,do not go out, add inside the village live oneself of the personage enter do not lead 40% , this is them when initiative makings do not.

According to estate professional personage introduces, hotel type apartment begins to start from 2002 in Tianjin, the market is very immature still, the phase of occurrence the good and bad are intermingled has begun after a large number of emerge in large numbers especially.

   Property expends Gao Chengnuo to hit fold

The reporter investigates discovery, at present apartment of type of the hotel on the market is sold all valence is in 8500 yuan / square metre goes to 16000 yuan / between square metre, sale price span is bigger. The price that rent is in 4 yuan centrally / square metre / the day comes 10 yuan / square metre / day. Door model differ to hundreds of square metre from a few square metre. The standard of 4 stars class that apartment of type of a few hotels provides is paid the price of the service is higher, property cost also wants tower above average house one times above. Use fixed number of year is the land that compares average house 70 years and character, the land of hotel type apartment uses fixed number of year not to exceed 50 years commonly, have a few projects or be not absolute property right. A lot of hotel type apartment allege of consign owner is to take clothbound to repair, furniture home is acted the role of and the finished product room with all ready home appliance, but the standard of real pay called a discount however. In addition, if apartment of type of a few hotels was not located in favorable environment, if not was in the central zone with convenient traffic, their investment redound is quite finite.
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