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The most excellent service
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American hotel and Fei Xi of WP of motel association chairman think: Excellent service is to show service personnel foreknows correctly the need of guest and desire, increase the consumptive value of guest as far as possible, make visitors is willing to maintain long-term relationship with the hotel. But the answer of this kind of scholastic type sets out from the angle of controller only, be afraid let a clerk very hard remember it, understand it, make the effective the golden rule in the action thereby.

To excellent service, every hotel can have his understanding. Some understands it to serve to smile; Some understanding are considerate service; Some considers as the service of guests feel at home; Some considers as a kind of overflow the service... such a variety of, have the one side with its practical suit. Can the hotel of class of a 2 stars offer we should like to ask the excellent service like 5 stars class? The answer is negative. But we cannot be denied at this point individual guest can have such demands, so how can we provide this kind of overflow, considerate service again?

Ever read on the journal such a conte. A hotel boss of Taiwan often is taking its employee to enter public house of Hong Kong peninsula, the clerk that should ask flatlet of a president every time answers a question before the face of his employee. "A few years did you do here? " " 12 years! " " the clerk that 12 years you just become presidential flatlet? " he replies extremely proudly: "Because I am the most outstanding! " how do you do ability to calculate first-class service excuse me? " " the hair service from the heart! " " the hair service from the heart!!

Excellent service delivers the service from the heart namely. The service that does not set out from the heart is just like the flower that is inserted in bottle, lacked an imbibition to nutrient, can be transitory only. If lack the passion to servive routine, lack the consideration of pair of guest from the bottom of one's heart, notice the guest's every act impossibly, provide the service of considerate, overflow, individuation impossibly also, the smile also was become " empty laugh " or " forced smile " , guests feel at home is become " slaughter you one knife did not discuss " " the hunter's trap " .

How can you just let a clerk provide the hair service from the heart so? I think to want to make send the joy from the heart above all; Next, should create a kind of environment -- favorable working environment -- the advantage of the utmost that provides a service for guest to the clerk. A system will ensure a service to be able to transfer another department quickly from a branch, and get fast satisfaction; The 3rd, like wanting to resemble the policy that draws outstanding talented person, creation condition makes the clerk can provide a service sincerely. If build good incentive system, make the post salary of the most outstanding clerk can exceed a controller (manager) salary standard; The 4th, want to learn to respect a clerk, demand tells pyramid type of Ma Siluo to get respect in administrative levels theory is the person's most significant demand. You should let a clerk be respected to the guest, want to make controller respects your employee above all, think stuff place thinks for stuff place, such ability can form a kind of benign loop. The 5th, build groom goodly mechanism, the service that can provide best show for employee creates a condition, provide a help. Say to do not have good foreign language for example, the service that you provide for the foreigner sold at a discount with respect to hard to avoid.
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