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With " true " move each diner
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Hangzhou " Jin Linglong " the another classic that the design of dining-room is Chen Lin, learn to design him of one's previous experience, to dimensional pursuit and expression the likelihood is the ambition of lifetime. Had not satisfied at satisfaction landscape and exaggerated detail when him, resolutely resolutelyingly decision brings back every diner " plain " go in the state, because he is maintained,only such ability can let every like alimental person to appreciate alimental joy truly, and this not only it is dish, include design and service to want " dinkum " , won't do is the least bit and artificial.

Conceive medium Jin Linglong
Before Jin Linglong, chen Lin has to cry " Yu Linglong " inn, although not be very big, but dining-room is special however on adornment offend an eye, italy, Hong Kong's sundry lamps and lanterns, sofa, let a lot of people began to remember the host of this inn and stylist. Of course this Jin Linglong makes everybody more impossibly disappointed, chen Lin decision goes together with madam Yang Xiaojun Indonesian, to conceive medium Jin Linglong the design of dining-room prepares. Altogether 5 days, husband and wife two from Indonesian come back, what arrive subsequently is one container Indonesian handicraft, droplight, figure of Buddha, mural, woodcarving... enough opens an Indonesian art to exhibit. After this, the 800 golden exquisite dining-room of smooth rice began to be as long as of 7 months decorate, cost many yuan 200. On November 19, 2005, restaurant start business, the place is in the office building of Hangzhou busy streets -- commercial edifice 4 buildings.

Full-bodied cling to li amorous feelings
The space of this dining-room was deduced finally cling to the court in the sky of li island amorous feelings. The wooden skin of the aquatic in wadi of Indonesian cane, Malaysia and Thailand is waited a moment pure natural talent is qualitative, the nature that taking clay and plain. The delicate woodcarving that container carry comes to, flower board, mural, droplight is decorated among them, deft and clever in go out to be not worn fully the elaborate carve of the trace.
Jin Linglong does Asian cate, give priority to with Hangzhou dish, have the Pu type food of type of dish of style of partial southeast Asia and HongKong and Macow. Serve as the Chen Lin of restaurant operator to think, do not manage type of what kind of dish to must cooperate what kind of dining-room to design certainly, dining-room designs the style definition that also did not fix, dining-room needs the design of diversity, not was necessary to emphasize a definition. Dining-room design should stress atmosphere more, the main demand of the design is to should make the environment of have dinner lets diner feel comfortable and satisfied. And Jin Linglong's design was used namely Indonesian cling to the life breath of li island, went up to just undertake reforming to partial detail in the design, make whole more concise with modernization, purify does not accord with the thing of have dinner atmosphere.
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