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Total stage recieves English (hotel antechamber is commonly used English)
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Total stage recieves English (hotel antechamber is commonly used English)

1. I ' D Like To Book A Double Room For Tuesday Next Week. Next week 2 I want to book a double room.

2. What ' S The Price Difference? What does the price of two kinds of rooms have to differ?

3. A Double Room With A Front View Is 140 Dollars Per Night, one With A Rear View Is 115 Dollars Per Night. Of face of rising sun of a double room every night 140 dollars, of shady area every night 115 dollars.

4. I Think I ' Ll Take The One With A Front View Then. I think I still am of face wanting this world.

5. How Long Will You Be Staying? How long do you plan?

6. We ' Ll Be Leaving Sunday Morning. We will leave in the morning on Sunday.

7. And We Look Forward To Seeing You Next Tuesday. We look forward to next week 2 see you.

8. I ' D Like To Book A Single Room With Bath From The After-noon Of October 4 To The Morning Of October 10. I want to book a single room that takes bathroom, use in the morning to October 10 on October 4 afternoon.

9. We Do Have A Single Room Available For Those Dates.

We have a cell really, can use in this paragraph of time.

10. What Is The Rate, please? How much does the room expend excuse me?

11. 50 Per Night of $ of The Current Rate Is. Active room cost is 50 dollars a day.

12. What Services Come With That? What service item does this price include?

13. That Sounds Not Bad At All. I ' Ll Take It. Sound pretty good still. I wanted this room.

14. By The Way, I ' D Like A Quiet Room Away From The Street If The Is Possible.

By the way, be like likely the quiet room that I want not to face a market.

15. Welcome To Our Hotel. Welcome aboard.

16. So You Have Got Altogether Four Pieces Of Baggage? Your altogether carried 4 baggage, ?

17. Let Me Have A Check Again. Let me look again.

18. The Reception Desk Is Straight Ahead. Reception desk is in front.

19. After You, please. You are asked first.

20. Excuse Me, where Can I Buy Some Cigarettes? Excuse me. Where can I buy cigarette? [Page]

21. There Is A Shop On The Ground Floor. First floor has a store.

22. It Sells Both Chinese And Foreign Cigarettes. Chinese cigarette and foreign cigarette can be bought over.

23. Can I Also Get Some Souvenirs There? Can you also buy a souvenir?

24. There Is A Counter Selling All Kinds Of Souvenirs. A bar sells various souvenirs.

25. Excuse Me, where Is The Restaurant? Excuse me, where is dining room excuse me?

26. We Have Chinese Restaurant And A Western - Style Restaurant. Which One Do You Prefer? We have Chinese meal hall and Western-style food office, are you willing to go which?

27. I ' D Like To Try Some Chinese Food Today. I want to taste Chinese dish today.
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