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Off-season sale of Li Erde manages (referenced)
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Because get,of short duration does not have brief introduction product the population flow, purchasing power, influence that buys cycle, often can appear in some period of time the sale is off-season, the sale inside this phase has certain extent to reduce. The company can use conserce strength and store up energy of this one period of time, sharpen the weapons and feed the horses-get ready for battle originally, but a lot of enterprises decrease considerably as a result of sheet of decided at the higher level but not officially announced of this one specific period of time however, together with does not have the management of art of composition, and escape hard " inexorable doom " . Managing working itself is the cent that does not have off-season, busy season, the factitious She Ji heavy sand that causes a company likely laxly.

Look in administrative layer of Lierde, the sale of the enterprise manages working content, in the sale off-season with the sale busy season is distinguished somewhat. Above all, what the enterprise does in place of sale busy season basically is the market service job, advertisement of such as area is released, of effective sale channel arrange, ensure the seasonable feedback of demand news, supervise and urge agency answers a paragraph in time to wait. Average company is in sale busy season is to be able to be accomplished afore-mentioned when, and once sell off-season advent, like liking hibernant snake however, market of at one's convenience and competitor invade and exploit. Because look in the competitor, their sale
Management is to do not have durative. Administrative layer of Li Erde is very sober realised this, what they pay attention to off-season sale to supervise the work very much is serious begin, thinking off-season sale manages should be right careless omission of busy season job undertakes an analysis, arrange, additional efficient way. According to cogent state of Lierde, summary went out " hold to basic, effective complement " off-season sale runs way, make the company is benefited blame is shallow. Let us know the administrative rule of this effective deep!

What is meant by " hold to basic "

Company of benefit Er heart manages a layer to think off-season sale manages, should withhold busy season sale to manage basic content of the job above all, cannot slam the door a few still need importunate principle, namely " hold to basic " .

1, the region market with larger proportion of amount of off-season to occupying sale, the company will continue to undertake in the place advertisement moves, will appeal to by the product function that sells busy season beg, gradually acknowledge of side overweight brand, strive off-season advertisement puts in can what the oldest standard improves company product is famous degree, salute busy season advent.

2, of sale channel move effective, also heart of times Er getting benefit manages a layer to take seriously. Layer of management of heart of Er of benefit of off-season period of time is met the sale outstanding achievement according to each agency, and the fulfilling to agreement circumstance, differentiate for it level. Decide according to agency level discretion specific batch discount is led again, achieve reward trenchant; Reasonable profit is returned return system drive the sale energy of a lot of agency, those who be sale " weak and have hold " laid solid foundation.
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