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XX restaurant 200X year specification of 6-12 month sale
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Of short duration competes without market of estate of hotel of brief introduction our country increasingly intense, but as a result of on the low side of our region consumption level, cheap restaurant occupies larger dominant position in the market in, have decisive effect to the development of travel market, tourism.

As the change of the development of economy of our country market and governmental function, below the big setting that develops quickly in our country tourism, the hair of cheap public house was full of tremendous opportunity in, of course, also be faced with a few cannot challenge evasively. Undertake an analysis to the environment of this industry above all, the scientific method that management strategy analyses is used on this foundation, decide the sale of my restaurant plans.

One, market environment analysis:

1. competitor

This restaurant is in college courtyard inside, the competitor divides school dining room outside have hotel of two coequal class additionally. And had the actual strength with our competition completely. This is a when we should consider between development very crucial questions.

2. manages medium problem

(1) serve personnel groom the service of restaurant has become the main factor that evaluates level of a restaurant. This restaurant once received a client a few cases about clerk attitude issue complain. Must cause take seriously.

(2) strength of advertisement conduct propaganda is not quite current beautiful garden restaurant is famous degree be confined to inside school, and did not surround an area to open the market in school week, main reason is the conduct propaganda in outside school investment is too little, did not arise famous degree.

(3) market fixed position is located in as a result of this restaurant inside college courtyard, market fixed position is given priority to with teachers and students all the time, range is too narrow, should see still have quite the customer with one potential part was not developed.

This inn advantage analyses 3. (1) financing is abundant, hardware establishment is good, in with all round larger dominant position is occupied in hotel competition. The parking lot that has oneself was offerred to the client convenient. (2) price moderate. Enjoying regular service level, masses but below susceptive economy capacity and the condition that accord with passenger of general official business, business affairs, the price level of this hotel has stronger competition ability. (3) have background of constant passenger source. Because we improve service quality ceaselessly, won the reliance of one part client, retain the passenger source that is in what secure relatively.

2, target market analysis:

Target market namely the most prospective customer sets a group. The can prevent force clearly waste of target market. Also can make advertisement has its needle sex.
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