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Of hotel sale " brand " politic
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Of short duration does not have sale of brief introduction hotel is the need of the corporeal life that carries guest of market of research guesthouse target and cultural life, it is a center in order to satisfy client need, those who provide guest satisfaction, the commodity that be saleable and service, attract more processes thereby. In last few years, market sale idea already from production, promoted an idea to develop level of comprehensive sale, society sale, from the point of current hotel competition condition, guesthouse needs to introduce the idea of social sale actively, develop the tremendous potential of brand sale strategy adequately, form particular distinguishing feature " guesthouse brand " .
In-house personnel. Strict and normative employee grooms, the operation standard that mount guard serves, develop the retraining project of employee, wait for oneself of respect establish guesthouse from skill of dress, language, service " brand " characteristic. Consciousness of brand of guesthouse of incentive employee establish, form consensus, be out of shape elephantine force productivity thereby, enhance the integral cohesive affinity of guesthouse and vigor, improve the image of guesthouse from interior, with period the visitor that gives store stays distinct " brand " impression, and brand " powerful appeal aux will be able to makes of guesthouse famous degree show geometrical class to diffuse.
Exterior activity, "Buddha wants gold to install " common saying can use a specification exterior activity is right a guesthouse " brand " the important sense that establishs really, through be being publicized to the advertisement of distinctive product, service, the understanding of community of OK and promotional society, establish good brand for guesthouse; And external the relation that commonweal activity and public relations activity are helpful for guesthouse improvement and social all circles, had won for guesthouse " public praise " make thereby of guesthouse " brand " thorough common feelings of people.
From the combination of guesthouse commodity sexual characteristic can see, of guesthouse " brand " it is the additional benefit that provides for the guest, this one interest will give a guest the satisfaction that goes up with psychological affection, achieve thereby to this one " brand " faithful.

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