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How to do good sale to supervise the work
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Of short duration does not have brief introduction one: The sale does not have a plan

The basic rule that sells the work is, make a system of fixed quotas for marketing carry out plans and be sold by the plan. Sell plan management to include how to make a practical sale target already, also include to implement the method of this one target. Specific content has: On the foundation that analyses current market situation and company current situation, make clear sale the target, target that return a money, with other and qualitative, mensurable target; According to target staff budget and budgetary allocation plan; Fulfil specific executive personnel, duty and time. However, a few problems exist on the management that a lot of enterprises plan in the sale. If do not have a target,the market of clear year, quarter, monthly develops a plan; Selling an end is not to build be in accurate decide on the base that holds natural resources of company of market opportunity, effective tissue, pat a head to be patted however; The sale plans to did not wait according to area, client, product, clerk undertake decomposing, make plan thereby cannot specific fulfil; The sale of each branch plans the result that is branch and company headquarters argy-bargy; Company management layer is only to number of target of clerk make known to lower levels, not directive however clerk makes executive plan; A lot of enterprises sell the each job content of the plan, never also quantify each clerk head specificly to go up, the index that the clerk cannot get on according to decomposing him head and content make specific sales compaign plan, even, some clerks do not know how to should make his sell plan to wait. Because do not have clear market to develop a plan, result, the sale job of the enterprise lost a target, all sorts of sale strategy, plan, measure does not deserve to cover, budgetary inaccuracy is decided, personnel is not fulfilled, sales compaign does not have space and time concept, also examine without sale process monitoring and effect measure. Such, on the market with intense competition, the sale job of the enterprise enters fire just like blast bison, dong Chong bumps head broken and bleedingly on the west finally.

2: The clerk manages out of control

"Want a result only, without giving thought to process " , the sale action of incorrect clerk undertakes supervise and be controllinged, this is the problem that the enterprise exists generally. A lot of enterprises manage special extensive to the clerk's action: Announce policy of a business to the clerk, next, put the clerk euqally like dove fly to the market, wait so that the clerk takes a portion order, development to give markets to the enterprise. From this, and create a series of problems: Clerk action does not have a plan, without assessment; The action of uncontrollable clerk, make the sale plans to assure without implementation thereby; Sales compaign process of the clerk is opaque, the risk of battalion of already of look forward to increases; Clerk work efficiency is low, cost of sales is tall; Sale level of the clerk does not rise, clerk team builds not do one's best to wait.
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