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Pattern of system of contemporary hotel finance affairs
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According to the characteristic of the function of modern financial management and hotel industry, in carry out 1992 of the Ministry of finance " general rule of company finance affairs " , " company treasurer standard " below the premise that builds the financial institution that conforms with international, pattern of system of information of hotel financial management should have systematization and advanced sex, scientific sex.
·Advanced sex
Use the advanced technique method such as computer, network, communication, multimedia, especially in last few years the Internet technology of fashionable whole world, high speed is collected well and truly and handle interior and exterior information.
Use systems analysis method of structuralization, undertake modular function is designed, make systematic function all ready, include to have business layer
, administrative layer, decision-making layer the administrative content of 3 administrative levels. Around station business is not out of line, data is orderly inside the system and free flows suitably, each function module is contacted each other already restrict each other again. In addition, what improve a system even is compositive degree, those who pass functional module is compositive, reduce the handiwork of data to type significantly, utmost ground realizes data to share. Administrative pattern also should be management by business accounting development model.
·Science sex
Of system of hotel finance affairs building is not to use computer to replace manual operation merely, want scientific ground to undertake reform to traditional financial management pattern however, in build rational management framework, optimize business flow and build perfect administrative system while, if all sorts of methods that learn administrative division are operational research, cybernatic etc use government decision-making and actual in go. Fixed assets and raw material and the sale management that system of hotel finance affairs includes business layer, inventory management, depreciation management, salary manages, run the account Wu processing of the layer, cost government, the part such as the financial analysis of decision-making layer.
1. sells management
Guest room, dining-room, bazaar is a hotel is downstage, it is the main room that guest consumes, the network terminal that this subsystem passes each point of sales (POS) undertakes administrative to marketing, and phone of applicable programmed control is automatic the bar code of plan fee system, computer, credit card that uses with bank couplet net (the advanced technique method such as ATM) , utmost ground reduces the handiwork of financial personnel to operate degree and the use that show paper money, raise the speed of chalk it up, checkout and accuracy. Guest can be consumed at will inside hotel limits, the " that realizes contemporary hotel for many times sexual consumption, one-time checkout " . When nightly audit, the system can be expended by category computation sale, service automatically, plan carry the item such as taxes, make receivable money account book, weave management forms for reporting statistics is expressed with all sorts of pay moneys, arrange the data of proof of chalk it up of the project such as business income and receivable money automatically at the same time, with account Wu processing subsystem establishs organic connection.
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