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The filar baby that 8 size have Guizhou
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What calls " silk baby " ? That is not to look not to know really, look really wonderful! Look: With the skin of hand bedding face of a piece of manual poker, cut bean sprouts, kelp, celery, turnip, cucumber filar season vegetable etc a head is wrapped entirely rise, add a few blast to get bead of golden bean, broken earthnut, fragile chirp (the pork bead of deepfry) go in, irrigate the burnt chili with peculiar Guizhou of on two small spoon to dip in water, fill in to be chewed greatly into the mouth rapidly chew especially, the sweet hot crisp of that glibly -- bright! Of the never heard of before when Guiyang arriving at the beginning of this kind of foreigner fastfood, because face portfolio is good,the appearance when dish silk is exactly like the baby in swaddle, appear on the booth dot of street lane to begin from its, the name that Guiyang person gave it to have a figure -- " filar baby " .

Everybody says not clear " filar baby " have how old, age nods on " old Guiyang " people say, they when a few gotten pin money, besides now and then change a few small sweet " bite bite candy " besides, gave likely this kind dish dish of plate plate is replete the small vendor's stand of dish silk. Ten years ago, in the dialectal essay with fastfood boast of star of a Guiyang laugh: Bay close rises abruptly? of Hui of quarrel of chasm of  of crisp grey  eats even if a pile big (face skin) . " in last few years old city is transformed, a lot of small market lane become capacious, one large quantities of " filar baby " booth dot also follows die a natural death. Yearn for the fastfood fortification person side this kind of street, can go only at the door Guizhou clever park or the lane with the place not much amount to such as either end of a bridge of Daximen, lion child cross satisfy a craving, arrive namely otherwise markets of a few big vegetable market trade, some more wholesale face skin comes home, him treatment will satisfy a craving for delicious food.

Those who be worth to rejoice is, the hotel of class of a few stars such as Guizhou restaurant, several years ago already will " filar baby " as Guizhou flavour tradition fastfood reservation is in cookbook, to each square guest is recommended. Nevertheless, the hall in elegance samples local born and bred streets and lanes is fastfood, hard to avoid is met loss some former juice raw ingredient.

At the beginning of 2000, be in " filar baby " when fading out of street with each passing day, an astute snack bar asks it into his platoon archives, and eat the convention the burnt chili of the law cold dip in water changes the hot boiling water that makes to use a variety of 10 flavor to boil dips in water, took a name that has Guizhou distinguishing feature more for it -- " strange verbose spring roll " , of course, guiyang person still prefers to call it " filar baby " , just added in front " hot boiling water " 2 words. Dip in water changes heat, even if is in winter, taste be free from anxiety all the same goluptious, the old people with abdomen bowel cold Wei also comes in succession nostalgic. The Guizhou that holds in 2001 year in activity of food festival of first beautiful wine, "Baby of silk of hot boiling water " because reservation is intercurrent,exhibited a kind to be about the street food culture of die, with one action is had the honor to win " the masses loves fastfood " title.
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