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Palace protects chicken
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There are one of traditional foods of fame most in Guizhou dish. For the sauce piquancy dish of Guizhou original creation, have red and not hot, hot and not fierce, hot sweet smell thick, oily and not be bored with and delicacy are sweet tender fragile characteristic. Tender and fat young cock is chosen to be raw material when making, the chicken that abacus bead size cuts chicken bone after butcher is fourth, deserve to wait for tone burden with chili of cake of lukewarm starch, essence, fermented rice, soy, refined salt, vinegar, ginger, garlic, soup-stock, with flourishing hot fry and become.

Palace protects chicken, tie Guizhou name course. However " palace protects chicken " origin is little-known however, so this renown dish is name with Ding Baozhen's official title.

Ding Baozhen likes to eat chicken in one's childhood, the chef in the home does steamed chicken to eat to him constantly. Once, he does obeisance to an elder brother to him amuse oneself of Home Wang Xiaoqin, small kill chicken frequently to feast him, because of busy eat and have not enough time to stew, small cut chicken frequently Ding Kuai, oil is not had in the home, explode with gallinaceous oil fry Ding Kuai, add dish of the dry chili that cuts bar, olive, garlic bolt to wait after that, add water to thoroughly cook again. Ding Baozhen feeds feel fragrance special, what do than the chef in the home is delicious.

After Ding Baozhen holds the post of Sichuan governor, receive Wang Xiaoqin to arrive abode. A day of great dinner group an associate in office, this dish is placed between banquet, numerous an associate in office ate to all praise delicate cate. Do not think the hedge stage on banquet asks about the name of this dish suddenly. Although Ding Baozhen is fond of eat this food 10 years, do not have a life however renown, do not answer to come up temporarily, be forced to consult Wang Xiaoqin. Then Wang Xiaoqin is illiterate originally person, also do not search to give a food temporarily the name comes, at this moment, the truly of abundant of lotus root of king of Ding Baozhen's foster son between banquet ponders, say: "Everybody Yours Excellency, I thinks the name of every dish all wait because of flavour, color, form, ability, each district all has different. Actually this dish adoptive father names already for ' palace protects chicken ' , do not know to whether be cut truly, still must consult numerous an adult make corrections " . Everybody listens, clap applauds! Because Ding Baozhen already got prince to be protected less,hold, person name " palace is protected " . From now on, palace protects chicken this dish becames famous as Ding Baozhen's fame.

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