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The check of sweetened bean taste that 8 size have
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Nest of sweetened bean taste is glutinous of a kind of deepfry is fed, streets and lanes of Guiyang early in the morning has sell, a piece of table, wear one oily bowl, do now show flee in terrorfry in deep fat or oil, people is old far smell cake of thick polished glutinous rice is sweet, a yuan of money is dropped to take an edge to walk along an edge to eat before passerby walks up, also have bought family belongs breakfast. Outside fragile li of glutinous, happy event is sweet love is salty attainable contented, eat satisfactory mouth to stay sweet.

The cake of deepfry polished glutinous rice of nest of sweetened bean taste and Guizhou is about the same, but the polished glutinous rice that a bit distinction depends on nest of sweetened bean taste is cortical medium polished glutinous rice does not have fine and soft of complete hammer out, still have many whole grain of rice, it is the grain of rice that these do not have hammer to become fine and soft, after passing deepfry special fragile sweet let a person eat to still want to eat.

Raw material of nest of sweetened bean taste: Polished glutinous rice 500 grams. Condiment: Kidney bean 250 grams, pink of rape oil, salt, gourmet powder, Chinese prickly ash, Jiang Mei, chopped green onion right amount. The method that make: Scamper. Pan of polished glutinous rice is clean, immerse the pestle after evaporate is ripe makes leather material fully to half fine and soft, kidney bean pan is boiled to squashy sodden brush after pressing Cheng Rong mud, add divide evenly of agitate of pink of salt, gourmet powder, Chinese prickly ash, Jiang Mo, chopped green onion to become stuffing stand-by, good pestle skin expects equably cent is 10, booth is smooth, the bag holds round nest form into stuffing heart, put the bomb in oily boiler to exterior crisp, colour and lustre is golden can. Gust characteristic: Colour and lustre is golden, outside crisp inside soft, glutinous is sweet tastily. Ever obtained the 2nd " China name is fastfood " title. Technical essentials: Oily boiler duration must have mastered, kidney bean must issue boiler to boil with cold water, boil so that rot better more.

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