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The yellow cake that 8 size eat
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Yellow cake, cake of name yellow cake, it is Guizhou very famous fastfood. Main burden: Beans of high grade polished glutinous rice, pieplant, pure rock candy, lap with corn leaf, zhongzi leaf (do not contain any pigment, last agent) . Brilliant of its colour and lustre crystals clear faint scent of Huang Run, flavour is soft, edible just makes, build by laying bricks or stones piece hind evaporate is boiled, deepfry, decoct is fried, microwave heats after molten, bag feed namely, it is nutrition is rich advocate deputy food.

The origin of respecting yellow cake, still have hard the conte of textual research. Time all the time period of restrospect to the Three Kingdoms, the Guizhou in those days, still be called nocturnal man. Allegedly the Zhu Geliang of that famous is leading the first month of arms calm down to obtain at that time, in the hole in nocturnal man country and that Guizhou advocate fight. A day, sichuan army is burying boiler to make a meal, abrupt spy will declare, say to pretty army is faced blast. Zhu Geliang listens, give orders to give fight then, do not have a few times, beat back Guizhou country hole advocate forces. Also knowing all this arrowroot counsellor is why intention, you said to get the better of was gotten the better of, but he disregards what poor Kou Mo chases after to abstain from already, the meal that also disregards this side sergeant has not had, give orders main forces multiplies situation pursuit pretty army more than lis about a hundred. This is chased after also it doesn't matter, but urgent bad this army medium army cook, army of kick one's heels does not return, but this boiling a fermented drink made from ground beans cannot be wasted with rice, did not take how many army provisions originally, how to do? All arrowroot counsellor treat this condition, be forced arms of life officers and soldiers a fermented drink made from ground beans that did not use mingle with rice, put big wood igneous evaporate is added to boil inside an ancient earthen utensil for steaming rise in order to protect its not sour. The soldier that wait for great victory and returns answers battalion, this by a fermented drink made from ground beans has mingled rice already fully evaporate boils nearly two days, tired hungry soldiers are divided hastily feed, who expects this rice already became appearance another time, not only yellow embellish of colour and lustre, and flavour Gan Tianxiang is soft, taste have taste one time more, soldiers still think is counsellor uses reward with food and drink their delicate, let food of beautiful of a few an ancient earthen utensil for steaming rise twice 3 see an end. Chance common people of fatigue army place is encountered, see this thing is so delicate, also this gimmick makes copy, more than 1000 years continue forever come down, this not, guizhou much so together delicate -- , yellow cake.

The raw material of yellow cake resembles what say in conte really in that way, extremely simple, basically be to stick rice, polished glutinous rice and soya bean. But its are made quite multifarious, time-consuming quite long also.
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